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Lay Director's Message

I like the window seat on the plane so that I think I can see whatís about to happen, as if I could do something about it! No really I like to watch the lights at night and as the plane starts to descend, you can see an electric glow from below. It all seems to be bright and shiny, maybe even twinkling so very far down below. Seems as if each light represents individual people that make up that glow, but I know that really each part of that glow is an electric light fixture installed by someone like me, for a specific purpose at some point. I know just how much effort goes into that installation, as I have doing that sort of job my entire career. But from 30,000 plus feet it does seem like a glow, and as the plane gets lower suddenly, you can see buildings and home lights, and then you can make out the headlights along the roads. And this time of year, I could see Christmas lights as well.

Our community is very much like this, from afar you can see its shine but as you get closer you can see each individual and their light shine. The work we do to keep our Emmaus Community running so well really takes all of us - each doing a part in this ministry. So many being the hands and feet of Christ to others. It is a wonderful experience when we let our light shine, we can do what pleases our Lord. Being a part of this community of believers has been such an important part of my faith walk. My family and I have been the recipients of the love and care from our community during good times and those of trouble. I have seen God do His work right there in front of me, people changing to become better disciples of Christ, is such an awesome sight to see. So thankful for that weekend in July 2000, E-100, when I was blessed to be introduced to this community. I am so thankful now that I can be part of this Emmaus community and see another brother or sister in Christ grow, as they learn of His Grace and the love from be served by this community. Amazing things happen here by amazing people! Matt 5:16 Ė In the same way let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven. We see this on each weekend - most recently in the men of E187 - as they came back you can see on their faces that God has shown just how great His love for us is.

As I start my next steps in this our community I want to continue Rich Goadís goal of full weekends and more participation at the Ultreyas - this is where busting out at the seams would be great! So start praying about the next person you are going to help sponsor, even if you donít know who that might be.

What can you do this next year in our Emmaus community, you ask. How about trying to reconnect with those who sat at your table the weekend you walked. If you have teamed, reconnect with your team members. Check up on them to see what they are up to and if they live in the area, invite them back to a Ultreya this year. Let your heart shine. Keep the team and bugs of C100 in your prayers as they head up to the mountain in January. See you at the Ultreya!

Let your light shine!

Mark Gibson Community Lay Director


Music Directors' Message


Keep the songs of Christmas in your heart throughout 2019. Keep the Joy of Jesus. Christmas is so thrilling, but we donít need to quit celebrating or praising - He is our strength and song daily.

We had such a good time worshipping and singing at the December Ultreya. We did not have the volunteers needed to have Emmaus children sing at Christmas, but hope to have tweens and teens read for the March Ultreya (Easter).

The following will lead music during the first half of 2019:

January - NCAE Praise Team

February- C-100

March- NCAE Praise Team

April - E-188 women

May - E-189 men

June - NCAE Praise Team

We are thrilled with the response from musicians accepting the MD positions of weekends, participating in Sponsorsí Hour, Ultreyas and other events. If you are interested in participating, please let us know. If you have questions about events related to NCAE weekends that include music, we will be happy to help with details or seek out answers for you.

May the Lord stoke the fire of love for music in your heart, grow your love for worship, and spur us on in our Christian worship. You can reach us at:

Jim and Mae Krauss

All are invited to join in.


Our 2019 Weekends!!

E 188 ~ March 21-24 - Debbie McCluskey
E 189 ~ May 2-5 - John Rowe
E 190 ~ Sept. 26-29 - Carrol Cobb
E 191 ~ Oct. 31 - Nov. 3 - Jon Guest

All weekends will be held at the Meadowkirk Retreat Center in Middleburg, Virginia


Spiritual Director's Message

I apologize for the journal getting out late. Life has its twists and turns, umbrellas and sunny days.

Danís father passed away on Christmas Eve and away to Nebraska we went to support his mother. I saw God working in so many ways. Fortunately and unfortunately, funerals and weddings bring family, friends, and people together. The fortunate part is we come together; the unfortunate part is we lose touch with people in our lives until something happens. Dan saw some of his high school and college friends that he hadnít seen or heard from in decades. Yes, we are that old.

Coming together is Godís way of reuniting us. There is something to learn but somehow we donít stay in touch. I felt it was like heaven is going to be Ė we are reunited with loved ones. It also reminds me of Mananita. I am always reminded of someone who walked in the very early years whose comment was ďDid I die? I must be in heaven! The angels are singing!Ē

Life is precious and every moment matters. We need to love and to serve every day. We need to pick up that phone, not text message, and reach out to those hurting or just needing to talk. We have to be aware each and every day life matters. If we keep God first in our lives, we will know what to do. Focus on God this year more than you ever have. Read, study, and pray for your relationship with God to become closer and closer. Action always speak louder than words. As we enter this new year, 2019, make it the best yet in service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Pastor Gail, Spiritual Director


from the Chrysalis Lay Director

Chrysalis is all excited about the birth of our savior and the coming of the new year plus the upcoming winter weekend of C-100....WOO-HOO!!!!

The team is ready to see what the Lord has in store for the bugs that are coming to the mountain. We just ask of the community for prayers for the weekend and agape, there is still time for that!!!

At this point the Chrysalis community would like to thank Raul Castillo for his service to the Fourth Day Journal and give prayers for his new endeavors on the Emmaus board and prayers for the incoming editor of the Fourth Day Journal.

May the Lord Be With You Raul. Fly with Christ,


Scott Marth

Chrysalis Community Lay Director


Community Palanca

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. As the last Chrysalis weekend draws near, please keep all the bugs in your prayers and show them as much Love as possible. As you know that is always the common thread in each weekend on how special all the love from the community touched the pilgrims and bugs.

The next Emmaus weekend is October 4-7. Sign-up sheet for snacks will be passed out next month. All your donations are greatly appreciated. Placemats for decorating can be obtained at Ultreyas or by emailing

Love, Love,

Donna Morris


Board Notices

Revised Procedures for Ultreya Prayer Concerns

The Board of Directors recently addressed the topic of prayer concern procedures during Ultreyas. The Board was advised that prayer concerns at Ultreya, written out for the presiding Spiritual Director to read, in many cases contained sensitive and private information. As a result, the Board decided to revise the procedures and implemented their decision at the December Ultreya. The revised procedures ask that prayer concerns be written on a piece of paper (provided) and dropped into a box. At the appropriate time during the Ultreya, the box containing the prayer concerns will be brought to the presiding Spiritual Director who will lead the community in prayer.

If individuals feel that more information should be shared regarding a specific prayer concern, please submit that concern to the community through the Holynet after checking with the parties involved to obtain their consent. Prayer concerns for publication on the HolyNet should be sent via email to


Weekend Fees for 2018

The Board of Directors has set the Weekend Fees for 2018 as follows:

Application: $35

Pilgrim: $250

Team: $250





Board Officers

From the returning second-year class of Directors, one lay member is elected by the Board to serve as the Community Lay Director for a one year term.. This person then selects an Assistant Lay Director from the second-year class.

The second-year Spiritual Director serves as the Community Spiritual Director, with the first-year SD serving as the Assistant to the Spiritual Director