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Lay Director's Message

Happy New Year. My name is Chris Scholz. I worship at Christ Church, I walked on E-153, and I sat at the table of "the Voice of Truth". I have the distinct privilege of serving as the Community Lay Director this year. I am humbled by the call to serve in this capacity and am thankful I will have the wisdom of the many CLD's that have preceded me.

First, I want to thank the Board members from the Class of 2019 who served the past two years and the Spirit-filled decisions they made to strengthen our community. Charlie Carrol, Tammy Crouch, Glenda Lambert, Gail Dietze, Stephanie Williams, Mark Gibson (CLD) and Susan Verghese as Secretary. Your service on the Board concludes with our sincerest gratitude.

Next, I would like to welcome the Class of 2021 to the Board Tom Lambert, Jodene Roark, Leanne Siedlarz, Shari Spring, Chris Wiggins, and Eric Teitleman, Spiritual Director. Together with the Class of 2020, we solicit your prayers as we seek His guidance and discernment for this coming year.

There are four weekends scheduled for 2020 at Camp Happyland.

E-192 - Gaylene Guest

E-193 - Chris Scholz

E-194 - Sam Gero

E-195 - Milton Zapata

As a community, we provide support to each weekend in a multitude of ways, Palanca, the Prayer Wheel, Snacks and Drinks, Placemats, and Mananita. However, our greatest need for each weekend is Pilgrims. Today, there are applications for 42 women and 26 men on file. This is quite a bit short of the number needed to fill our upcoming weekends. As a community, we need to be prayerfully considering some-one who God might be leading you to sponsor on a weekend. I am challenging each of you to commit to praying each day for our weekends and the Pilgrims who will be attending them. 1 John 5:14-15 says, "This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of Him." Let us approach boldly before His throne and seek those whom He is calling to walk on a weekend.

Our next Ultreya will be at Dumfries United Methodist Church. Potluck will begin at 6:30 p.m. Service will follow immediately after at 7:30 p.m. The community will continue the tradition of gratitude to the Ultreya host churches by supporting their outreach ministries through donations. Dumfries UMC is asking for donations of non-perishable items for their Bread and Fishes ministry.

I look forward to seeing each of you at any of our Emmaus events throughout the year. If we haven't met before, please don't hesitate to seek me out and introduce yourself. The Board member's contact information is available on the NCA Emmaus website:

Please feel free to reach out to any one of us should you have a question, suggestion, or idea to improve our community.

De Colores

Chris Scholz

Community Lay Director

Music Directors' Message

Happy New Year, Community! He is alive and the fresh new year exudes His presence and blessings. You are so loved and appreciated as this year kicks off. We pray your heart is full of ex-pectation of His goodness and joy. Be audacious for Him this year!

Hallelujah for the men of E-191 and music lead by Dave Charboneau and Phil Wisner at the December Ultreya. We were blessed with great music from their weekend and worshipped together in song. Dave was also the 4th Day speaker and lead his own talk song of “God only Knows” which rocked the house! Thank you, Dave and gang.

January Ultreya will be bringing music tunes from the NCAE Praise Team. “In Christ Alone” is the talk song and we ask you pray with us as we prepare the mu-sic and our hearts for this special time. While we are at Ultreya, Jerry Wills and Brianna Ornstein will be leading youth in music on the Chrysalis mountain. Lord, please richly bless it all.

If you are interested in being a part of NCAE music or know someone who is, please reach out to us at

Jim and Mary Ann (Mae) Krauss


Our 2019 Weekends!!

E 188 ~ March 21-24 - Debbie McCluskey
E 189 ~ May 2-5 - John Rowe
E 190 ~ Sept. 26-29 - Carroll Cobb
E 191 ~ Nov. 14-17- Jon Guest

All weekends will be held at the Meadowkirk Retreat Center in Middleburg, Virginia


Spiritual Director's Message

The season of Christmas has come and gone and a new decade has begun. What does the Lord require of you this day, this year, this decade? Of course we all understand that God is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. It is we who need to reflect, renew, reenergize, and perhaps redirect.

As Christians we believe that God is within us in the power of His Holy Spirit. Our issue is finding that balance of God in the Spirit and our own Spirit. God never wanted puppets. He could easily have taken that tree out of the Garden and never allowed us choice. What God has declared throughout Scripture is that He wants us to choose, choose to be disciples who recognize His love, choose to share that love with all we meet and choose to live in that love by honoring our covenant to be Christ today.

As we start this New Year, reflect first on God and on Who He has revealed Himself to be. Reflect on the cross and the love expressed through a baby born to show us how to live and Who came to die for our sins. Reflect on what that love means to you and your response to that love.

Let God's love renew and reenergize your Spirit in the power of the Holy Spirit and drive your every act to make Christ known. No greater love has anyone than this: to lay down one’s life for another. Christ laid down His life for you and Christ calls each of us to lay down our lives for our friends.

The New Year is here, what do you need to redirect, in order to respond today to God's love in your life?

Pray on that – De Colores/Fly With Christ

Jose Saldana

Spiritual Director


from the Chrysalis Lay Director

Here’s a little update from your favorite CLD. Right now, C103 just finished their last meeting. They are headed up to the mountain in less than two weeks. We almost have a full house of bugs. We currently have 22 caterpillars that are waiting very patiently for their sponsors to drop them off at Caroline Furnace. The address is 8481 Moreland Gap Road, Fort Valley, VA. The R’s of C103, Madison and Aiden, have done a fine job putting this team together with the guidance of our awesome Lord, Jesus Christ. The theme of the weekend is ‘Oh How He Loves’ The verse for the weekend is John 3:16.

As for our board, we are working hard to make Chrysalis thrive within our communities. We have lit up social media, both Facebook and Instagram. Last month, we read through the Gospel of Luke. We have been reaching out to other Chrysalis communities through our social media sites. We have been working hard to reunite bugs and team members from past walks. We through an Ugly Sweater party last month. We had a great turnout considering it was the weekend before Christmas, so the odds were against us. There were a lot of Ugly Sweaters that night and plenty of Reindeer games, singing and laughing all night long. We are planning our next reunion during spring time. So, keep your eyes open for more details as to come. We are also looking to enhance our teaming experience by adding relational evangelism aspect to the process. We look forward to teaching the entire team how to share their story with confidence anywhere, any place.

Fly with Christ,

Erin Prendergast


Community Palanca

It is time for the team and bugs of C-103 to go to the mountain. They need your love and prayers. Check out the Chrysalis section for information on location and times for activities.

The ladies and men are also preparing for their weekends and could use our support. There will be clipboards passed around at the January and February Ultreya to sign-up for food for the weekends along with placemats that need decorating.

A drop off basket will also be at the entrance to collect Palanca and food that you can drop off to help with the weekends. If you need to contact someone to assist you with your donations please let me know at the email below.

So glad to be back from Colorado and looking forward to getting started spreading the love for the community!

With love, De Colores

Donna Morris


Board Notices

Revised Procedures for Ultreya Prayer Concerns

The Board of Directors recently addressed the topic of prayer concern procedures during Ultreyas. The Board was advised that prayer concerns at Ultreya, written out for the presiding Spiritual Director to read, in many cases contained sensitive and private information. As a result, the Board decided to revise the procedures and implemented their decision at the December Ultreya. The revised procedures ask that prayer concerns be written on a piece of paper (provided) and dropped into a box. At the appropriate time during the Ultreya, the box containing the prayer concerns will be brought to the presiding Spiritual Director who will lead the community in prayer.

If individuals feel that more information should be shared regarding a specific prayer concern, please submit that concern to the community through the Holynet after checking with the parties involved to obtain their consent. Prayer concerns for publication on the HolyNet should be sent via email to


Weekend Fees for 2019

The Board of Directors has set the Weekend Fees for 2019 as follows:

Application: $35

Pilgrim: $215

Team: $250





Board Officers

From the returning second-year class of Directors, one lay member is elected by the Board to serve as the Community Lay Director for a one year term.. This person then selects an Assistant Lay Director from the second-year class.

The second-year Spiritual Director serves as the Community Spiritual Director, with the first-year SD serving as the Assistant to the Spiritual Director