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Lay Director's Message

As I was preparing what I was going to say to you for tonight’s Ultreya, the news reported that the United States has exceeded over 170,000 COVID-19 related deaths. I just want to pause for a moment of silence as we pray for the families of these victims and our nation. Just so we are clear, I didn’t mention this to politicize the number of deaths or to engage in a conversation with regard to public health and safety. However, the number is relevant to the Board of Directors as we continue to evaluate the possibility of our community returning to conducting live Ultreyas and Weekends.

During our last Board meeting the topic was presented and discussed. The Board of Directors voted to postpone all in person events for the remainder of the year, 2020. The Board came to this conclusion based on the following issues related to Ultreyas and Weekends.

Camp Happyland – Under the Phase III Executive Order from Governor Northam, there are no overnight events to be held at campgrounds. With a campground designation, they are unable to hold events at this time at their facility.

Host Churches – Currently many of our host churches have restrictions with regard to capacity and singing that will impact our ability to hold Ultreyas. Fortunately, our Community.

Risk Management – Many of the participants in our community fall in the category that would put them as vulnerable to effects of the coronavirus. Holding NCA Emmaus sponsored events could place our community at risk for liability should someone contract the virus.

I want to assure you the Board came to this decision based on the guidelines from the CDC, and public health agencies. The Board will continue to evaluate existing conditions regarding NCA Emmaus in person events and will keep you advised of any changes. Like you, the Board longs for the day when we can begin holding in person events and sharing the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to those who need it and those who don’t think they do. The good news is that the Virtual Ultreyas are going strong. We continue to get positive feedback from the members of our community, both near and far, about how important the broadcast is to them and their ability to continue to connect during the pandemic. Here is where I want to send a huge shout out to all of those talented individuals (both in front of and behind the camera) who work very hard so we can gather together digitally. We are grateful that you continue to serve our community month after month.

Additionally, I want to advise you the Board will also be conducting a survey at the beginning of next month. The survey will help the Board navigate the new normal with regards to COVID-19 and our in-person events. While we don’t have all the answers yet, we wanted you to know we were looking at every aspect of all of our NCA Emmaus events, Weekends, Ultreyas, Sponsor’s Hour, DDU to ensure when we go back to holding in person events we are doing so safely.

Finally, the Board is also looking for nominations for those who would like to serve on the NCA Emmaus Board of Directors. Elections will be held in November during the Virtual Ultreya. If you are interested in serving or know of someone who might be, please contact Kat Lopez, Tom Lambert or Shari Spring. Their contact information is available on the NCA Emmaus website under the Leadership link.

Thank you,

Chris Scholz

Community Lay Director




Music Directors' Message

"You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Friends, Can you say "It is well with my soul?"

When you face trials or death - will you have peace?...will the Lord say, "Well done, my beloved child." ? Some songs provoke us to contemplate things and strive to walk closer with Jesus, other songs comfort us with details of just who Jesus says we are. We had chosen songs and made plans for September but life called for flexibility. This month we drew from past recordings and added songs sung by Sheri and Milton from their personal locations. We are always looking for new musicians in the community and continue to enjoy "old" ones.

The NCAE recordings have been like monthly mission trips wherein we go into unfamiliar territory, fully trusting, giving all and leaning on the Lord for the final product. It's all for His glory. We usually start by tuning and sound check, prayer, snack, short devotional and watch the Holy Spirit move. Phil Wisner lead us in prayer last month for the Holy Spirit to cover all we do. We witnessed Him move and empower, truly a mission trip. Praises!

You, Community, are on our minds and in our hearts and prayers. We miss you but we all know it's okay and we will be together again soon. We will keep our joy in the middle of this time and keep singing! Start the day with song, lace it throughout your day and watch it get better and better!

Special thanks to all who made September Ultreya music happen: Mike and Elaine Frankfort, CLD Chris Scholz, Jim Morris, Rebecca Washburg, Josh Reese, Tom Ansink, Phil Wisner, Dave Charbonneau and Milton Zapata, and Sheri Goad. Included from past recordings are Sean Murphy, Joe Forrer, Lindsey Kirkwood, Allen McBride, and Edwin Darden. Huge appreciation to Pastors Pam and Tom of Family Worship Center in Bealeton, VA. You are a true blessing!

Are there songs you miss and would like to hear? Are you open to helping/participating with music during this time? Reach out to us, we miss you.

Jim and Mary Ann (Mae) Krauss


Board News

The Board has voted to push the men’s weekend of E-193 to the next scheduled weekend. This will push all scheduled weekends date which is currently scheduled at Camp Happy Land on October 1-4. These dates are subject to change depending on the recommendations from governing bodies. The Board will continue to follow or exceed the recommended guidelines by the CDC and local heath organizations.

All NCA Emmaus events are cancelled through June 10, 2020.


Our 2020 Weekends!!

E-192 Gaylene Guest - Mar 5-8

E-193 Chris Scholz Apr 30-May 3

E-194 Sam Gero Oct 1-4

E-195 Milton Zapata Nov 12-15

All weekends will be at Camp Happyland!


Spiritual Director's Message

We head into the fall this month, new beginnings of old traditions. School has started up, virtually for some and in-person for others. Old and new come together to form a new normal. We need to remember in these trying days of pandemic that what is new for us was anticipated by God. As stressful as this unusual new normal may be for us, God already knew it was coming, anticipated our every need during these days and is way ahead of us providing all that we really need in this day.

God's sovereignty is over all of creation from the beginning of time to the very end of time. Things may look upside down to us but rest assured God's got this. Colossians 1:16–17 reminds us: “For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together”. We can rest, knowing that all things will work out to the glory of God.

Of course when your in the middle of the valley of death, it sure does not seem like anyone is there to help. It is not because God is not with us in these days of darkness but rather that we have looked at the darkness rather that at the light. The darkness is real, as we know all to well, but the darkness is not the complete story or even the greater story, it just seems that way at times.

Romans 8:28 tells us: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose”. It is the “according to His purpose” that we all need to keep in mind when things get difficult, if not downright impossible. God brings everything together for His purpose. The obvious question is: Whose purpose are we working for, ours or God's?

We believe through faith, that His good is our ultimate good but that may or may not refer to our current comfort. Sometimes we need to walk through darkness to remind us of just how much we need the light. Sometime the darkness is not of our choosing, but even in this God will use these days of darkness to further our conformity to Christ, to make us stronger and even more fruitful. Sometimes, we have made poor choices that have taken us into the dark, but even here God is with us whispering into our soul, turn around, come back, I am still with you, just trust me, repent and believe that you are still loved and forgiven.

For "I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.” (Ex 20:2) I brought you with my blood. Therefore “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified … for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deut. 31:6 God is for us, no matter what. There is no place we can go, no darkness He cannot pierce.

God is with us in the darkest night and in the brightness of His glory. Believe, be strong and courageous for we serve a mighty God who knows our every need and has already made away for us through the darkness and into the radiance of His eternal glory. Remember that mountain love, it is still with you and no matter how difficult this new normal looks, God’s got this and God’s got you.

Jose Saldana


from the Chrysalis Lay Director

I would like to take the time to thank the Board members from the Class of 2020 for their service and dedication to making Chrysalis what it is today. They have all graciously decided to take on another two years as the new Class of 2022. I will be continuing as the CLD. Two members of the Class of 2020 had to step down due to other commitments outside of Chrysalis. I would like to personally thank Katie Rowe and Aiden Wills for their hard work and contribution to making Chrysalis what it is today. At the same time, I would like to welcome our new members, Rich Goad and Madison McDonald. I know they will bring a lot of great ideas to the table and look forward to working with them. The board met last month and with a sad heart, we have collectively decided to postpone the January weekend. We felt with the uncertainty of this virus and virtual school system in place, it would hinder the teaming experience and the bug applications. Hopefully, we can pick up where we left off.

Chrysalis decided that we needed to stay connected to the bugs from past weekends. We have come up with Virtual game night. Our first game night was Aug 26th. It was a small crowded, but that did not stop them. Kayleigh, Becca, Casey, and Bryson wanted to figure a way to stay connected and have fun at the same time. So, they brought out Jackbox. It was a blast playing. It made me feel 20 years younger. This will be a monthly get together. It will be held every fourth Wednesday of the month. We will be posting alerts on social media. I hope everyone comes and joins us in a little down time of fellowship and games. So, don’t forget to bring your humor and your drawing skills. Here are a few pictures from our game night. I hope to see more faces next time.

Fly With Christ,

Erin Pendergast


Community Palanca

hree Cheers for Palanca !

We are so excited to carry on our love of Emmaus by helping with Palanca . We are ready to collect, organize and distribute Palanca.

Do you want to make palanca bags ? We have a pattern .

Join us on this Rainbow journey... As we share God’s love .

Ruth Washburg

Board Notices

Revised Procedures for Ultreya Prayer Concerns

The Board of Directors recently addressed the topic of prayer concern procedures during Ultreyas. The Board was advised that prayer concerns at Ultreya, written out for the presiding Spiritual Director to read, in many cases contained sensitive and private information. As a result, the Board decided to revise the procedures and implemented their decision at the December Ultreya. The revised procedures ask that prayer concerns be written on a piece of paper (provided) and dropped into a box. At the appropriate time during the Ultreya, the box containing the prayer concerns will be brought to the presiding Spiritual Director who will lead the community in prayer.

If individuals feel that more information should be shared regarding a specific prayer concern, please submit that concern to the community through the Holynet after checking with the parties involved to obtain their consent. Prayer concerns for publication on the HolyNet should be sent via email to


Weekend Fees for 2020

The Board of Directors has set the Weekend Fees for 2020 as follows:

Application: $35

Pilgrim: $215

Team: $250





Board Officers

From the returning second-year class of Directors, one lay member is elected by the Board to serve as the Community Lay Director for a one year term.. This person then selects an Assistant Lay Director from the second-year class.

The second-year Spiritual Director serves as the Community Spiritual Director, with the first-year SD serving as the Assistant to the Spiritual Director