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Lay Director's Message

The Virtual Ultreya held in April was an absolute success. I am happy to report that there were 290 unique devices were streaming the broadcast on Friday, April 17. By estimation this number can easily be doubled and I can safely say there were over 600 community members gathering together virtually that night. What a gift! Community members both near and far provided feedback that was overwhelmingly grateful to be able to connect once again, even virtually. I want to thank Lisa Giamette for opening her heart and sharing her Fourth Day talk with the community and reminding us to “Be Still”. Such a poignant message for all of us while we are navigating the storm that is this pandemic. Steven Curtis Chapman is one of my favorite artists. Her talk reminded me of his song “Be Still and Know.” The lyrics contain these words that stood out as I took some time to just Be Still.

“Consider all that he has done Stand in awe and be amazed And know that he will never change Be still”

As I pondered all He has done during these past few months I was reminded we are the hands and feet of God even now. Then the stories of those in our community doing things that express the love of God to a world that is isolated and alone suddenly came flooding in

• People sewing masks (by the dozen) and delivering them to those in need out of love and because there is a need.

• Baking treats to be left on the doorsteps of friends and loved ones just because they wanted the recipients know they were loved.

• Knowing the next-door neighbor with a three-year-old is missing times spent together so they break out the sidewalk chalk and send some love in the form of pictures for them to find when they get home.

These are just a few of the stories that touched my heart but they were constant reminders that He is God even now. I look forward to hearing and seeing even more as the days press on.

De Colores

Chris Scholz

Community Lay Director



Music Directors' Message

During this challenging time, music can be a great way of lifting your spirits or encouraging yourself and others. The song “Waymaker” has great lyrics -“even when I don’t see it you’re working, even when I don’t feel it you’re working”. We pray your Christian foundation is not only holding you up but making you thrive during this time and His presence and hope are bringing great peace to your family. It’s a special time we can be a witness just by keeping a song in our heart. We are staying flexible, but continuing to help with future event plans, including Ultreyas online. See you there!

De Colores

Jim and Mary Ann (Mae) Krauss


Board News

The Board has voted to push the men’s weekend of E-193 to the next scheduled weekend. This will push all scheduled weekends date which is currently scheduled at Camp Happy Land on October 1-4. These dates are subject to change depending on the recommendations from governing bodies. The Board will continue to follow or exceed the recommended guidelines by the CDC and local heath organizations.

All NCA Emmaus events are cancelled through June 10, 2020.


Our 2020 Weekends!!

E-192 Gaylene Guest - Mar 5-8

E-193 Chris Scholz Apr 30-May 3

E-194 Sam Gero Oct 1-4

E-195 Milton Zapata Nov 12-15

All weekends will be at Camp Happyland!


Spiritual Director's Message

Suffering is not a word we like to think about and certainly not when it affects our lives or those near and dear to us. Yet we all know that suffering is a fact of life. No one goes through life completely free of suffering. The rich may have it easier but they still suffer. Certainly, this pandemic we are living through has affected to one degree or another the whole world.

Jesus tells us in the gospel John 16:33 - 33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Take heart, Jesus says, I have overcome the world. Strange words for a man who knows He is going to the cross. How are they true? And how can they be true for us today?

Suffering is a fact of life but suffering does not have to define life. Life is a gift from God. Life is God's to give and take away. When we define life as anything other than God's gift, we fall into the trap of chasing the ever changing definition this world puts on life.

Jesus conquers, overcomes the suffering He is put through by placing His complete trust in the One Who is over all. Jesus chooses to endure the cross to give life to all of us who will believe. Easter morning God proves Jesus is right and that He and He alone defines life.

This is the peace of Christ, to believe in the One Who sent Him. Believe that God is in charge and that God will get us through the suffering of this world and empower us to bring His peace into the world, just as Christ did.

Real life is found not in the absence of turmoil but in the relationship we are gifted in Christ. Will you seek the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul? Will you seek and cling to the relationship God offers through the Cross? Will you trust the truth of Easter and live a faith-filled life, just as Jesus did?

And now these three remain, faith, hope and love, not suffering. This is the promise. Believe it, live it, and the peace of Christ will fill you and overflow you to the world.


Jose Saldana


from the Chrysalis Lay Director

Hey all of you lovely people,

I hope you are all staying safe out there. As a Chrysalis Board for the safety of the teams and the attendees, we have decided to postpone our Summer retreats until further notice. I hope you are all staying safe out there and taking care of each other. I cant wait for us to be able to gather together again...

Sending my Love to you all,

Becca Washburg

Assistant Chrysalis Lay Director


Community Palanca

Wow how our world has changed. Your love for each other is needed more now than ever.

Many of you find yourselves trying to find things to do with your kids and even on an evening when you just can not take one more Netflix Series or just have to turn off the news to regroup.

So grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down some loving words, favorite verse, and funny little antidotes to pass on for the future weekends be it Emmaus or Chrysalis.

Please be safe and know you are in Jim and mine prayers.

With love, De Colores

Donna Morris


Board Notices

Revised Procedures for Ultreya Prayer Concerns

The Board of Directors recently addressed the topic of prayer concern procedures during Ultreyas. The Board was advised that prayer concerns at Ultreya, written out for the presiding Spiritual Director to read, in many cases contained sensitive and private information. As a result, the Board decided to revise the procedures and implemented their decision at the December Ultreya. The revised procedures ask that prayer concerns be written on a piece of paper (provided) and dropped into a box. At the appropriate time during the Ultreya, the box containing the prayer concerns will be brought to the presiding Spiritual Director who will lead the community in prayer.

If individuals feel that more information should be shared regarding a specific prayer concern, please submit that concern to the community through the Holynet after checking with the parties involved to obtain their consent. Prayer concerns for publication on the HolyNet should be sent via email to


Weekend Fees for 2020

The Board of Directors has set the Weekend Fees for 2020 as follows:

Application: $35

Pilgrim: $215

Team: $250





Board Officers

From the returning second-year class of Directors, one lay member is elected by the Board to serve as the Community Lay Director for a one year term.. This person then selects an Assistant Lay Director from the second-year class.

The second-year Spiritual Director serves as the Community Spiritual Director, with the first-year SD serving as the Assistant to the Spiritual Director