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Current Community ByLaws

Here are our approved ByLaws, as of October 2017. They are available in either Microsoft Word (.Doc) or Acrobat (.PDF) format. (Click on appropriate format to begin download.).

Pilgrim Application

Download the latest Pilgrim applications, in Acrobat .PDF format*. Please fill in all of the requested information on the form and forward the completed form to the Emmaus NCA mailbox: Emmaus NCA, PO Box 807, Mineral VA 22317-0807. Please be sure to print out all sides of the application. You do not need to submit the front sheet, but it provides information on the application process (mailing address, application fee, etc.) and a good, brief overview that may help your Pilgrim have a better initial understanding of Emmaus.

(Please Note: The bottom left corner of the current version of this form identifies that it was "Revised: September 2018". If you have any pre-printed forms that do not have this annotation, they are obsolete and should be thrown away to avoid confusion and errors when processing the applications.)

For additional information or assistance in submitting a pilgrim application, please e-mail questions to the Pilgrim Applications Committee .


Team Application

The latest Team applications, in Acrobat .PDF format*. Fill out both pages (front and back) and forward to the Emmaus NCA mailbox: Emmaus NCA, PO Box 807, Mineral VA 22317-0807. Or, scan and email to the Team Applications Committee.




Fourth Day Packet

Click on the link above to download the materials in the Fourth Day Packet described on your weekend.

Preparing a Fourth Day Talk

Guidelines for preparing your Fourth Day Talk. Please consult for important information on content and time limits.

Community A/V Equipment

Click to Download the A/V Users Manual

Need AV Equipment or software for your Walk to Emmaus or Chrysalis weekend?

Jim and Donna Morris are Co-Chairing the new AudioVisual Equipment and AudioVisual Software Committees. They have a full equipment suite as well as licensed ProPresenter 6 software available for your use. Here is their first report to the community:

The three month Audio/Video Equipment Fund-Raiser was a success. The goal was $4,500 to purchase (4) four A/V sets for the Emmaus and Chrysalis community, and the total raised was $4,800. The additional funds raised were used to purchase (4) Bluetooth speakers for the videos shown each weekend; and the balance will be donated to the NCAE Sponsorship funds.

Each kit consist of three primary components (1) 84” screen self-contained screen and storage case, (2) 30-60” adjustable projector stand, and (3) a trunk with the projector, laptop table, cables, adapters, Bluetooth speaker, and a “User’s Manual”. The laminated User’s manual has images and instructions for every component in the A/V Set.

The equipment will be stored in a temperature and humidity regulated environment. When needed to start a weekend, contact Jim and Donna Morris for training on how the equipment is used, review of the manual, and to check-out the equipment needed for teaming and the weekends. Contact us for equipment at: or for software at: