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HolyNet NEWS

HolyNet News is an official communications avenue for the Emmaus NCA. Starting out as an email-based prayer chain for our community and friends, it has grown to include news about our walks, community events, and serves as a distribution channel for the Fourth Day Journal. If you are not yet connected to HolyNet NEWS, email Rob Cannon now to get in on the information channel! (Click on his name to forward a message to Rob.) Please also remember to keep your email address updated, so we might reach you. Here's what you will receive...

The Fourth Day Journal

Each month the community newsletter is sent in text and Acrobat "PDF" format. Read the latest news, along with Pilgrim and Team lists, Kairos schedules, and Chrysalis updates. If you have a recent version of Acrobat Reader (to view the Journal), click here to see the list of available issues. If you don't have Acrobat installed, click here to get the free viewer from Adobe.

HolyNet Prayer Chain

Join fellow 'prayer warriors' as we share our joys and concerns with a wide group of Christians - within and beyond our community. Have a prayer need? Click here to email your request to the HolyNet. Please note that HolyNet's charter encourages usage for purposes of lifting up those in need of prayer. We cannot honor requests for political or commercial messages.

Community News

Get late-breaking news of community interest. Updated Pilgrim lists, Agape requests, and other timely topics are summarized in a summary format, with hyperlinks to a web page with more depth when appropriate.


"Opt-Out" Policy Notice:

All members of Emmaus NCA (with recorded email access) are added to HolyNet upon the conclusion of their weekend walk. We strongly encourage you to use and enjoy HolyNet's occasional and timely messages. However, if you wish to not receive HolyNet, please let us know by contacting us. (Click here to email HolyNet.) We will honor your request and remove you from our distribution list.

Usage Policy Notice:

All usage of our email list is for use only by Emmaus NCA Board-approved purposes. At no time will your name, address or email address be shared with any other organization without your approval.