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Meet the leaders
Board of Directors, Staff and Weekend Lay Directors

Our community is governed by a Board of Directors. This Board is comprised of ten laypersons and two clergy, each serving a two year term. It is equally divided betwen men and women members, and representative of our community's churches and geographical regions. One layperson is elected as the Community Lay Leader, and presides over meetings and gatherings. A Treasurer, Historian and Secretary are selected to serve as non-voting Board members. (Click on a name to send an email message.) Our current Board is comprised of


Mark Gibson ~ Community Lay Director

Gail Dietz ~ Spiritual Director

Stephanie Williams ~ Class of 20119

Tammy Crouch ~ Class of 2019

Glenda Lambert ~ Class of 2019

Charlie Carroll ~ Class of 2019


Jose Saldaña ~ Assistant Spiritual Director

Liana Cuffman ~ Class of 2020

Kat Schreiber Lopez ~ Class of 2020

Raül Castillo ~ Class of 2020

Chris Schotz ~ Class of 2020

Jim Rogers ~ Class of 2020


Susan Verghese ~ Secretary

Lindsey Kirkwood ~ Treasurer

Neal Ailstock ~ Historian


2019 Weekend Rectors & Rectoras

E 188 ~ March 21-24 - Debbie McCluskey
E 189 ~ May 2-5 - John Rowe
E 190 ~ Sept. 26-29 - Carrol Cobb
E 1901 ~ Oct. 31 - Nov. 3 - Jon Guest

E154 - xxx

E155 - xxx

E156 - xxx


Dedicated volunteers in the community
Community Support Chairpersons

Each weekend is the result of the efforts of a tremendous number of volunteers, each playing a part in bringing Christ to a new group of Pilgrims at the mountaintop. Your support is vital to our mission - please consider helping in one or more of these areas. (Click on a name to send an email message.)


Applications - Emmaus Pilgrim ~ Charlie and Vickie Carroll

Audio-Visual Managers ~ Jim and Donna Morris

Audio-Visual Software Managers ~ Jim and Donna Morris

Applications - Emmaus Team ~ Charlie and Vickie Carroll

Community Agape ~ Nicole Mosher

Community Support ~ Annette Barbier

Database Manager ~ Charlie and Vickie Carroll

Facilities Liaisons ~ Nancy Geeting

Fourth Day Journal ~ Newsletter Editor - Raül Castillo

Fourth Day Journal Mailing ~ Beth Woodley

Fourth Day Packets ~ Mark Segnari

Kairos Information ~ Mike Gentile

Kairos Outside ~ Barbara Teats

Manuals Chairperson ~ Linda Girten

Music Director ~ Jim & MaryAnn Krauss

Outreach Agape ~ Debbie McCluskey

Prayer Wheel Coordinator ~ Lisa Giamette

Rector(a) Selection Committee ~ Jack Christie

Reunion Group Coordinator ~ Liana Cuffman

Scholarships Manager ~ Lindsey Kirkwood

Security ~ Jon Guest

Website Manager ~ Rob Cannon

Wooden Crosses and Ropes ~ Jim & Jan Womer