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Stan & Gloria Esterline

Stan and I have been involved with the NCA Emmaus community for quite a number of years. Stan’s walk was E 57 and my walk was E 60. I can truthfully say that Emmaus has changed our Christian walk completely. Stan and I were both brought up in the parsonage. Both of our fathers were ministers and that said, we were regular church attenders since childhood. We both accepted Christ as young children and lived our lives accordingly. We loved our Lord and savior and followed closely to Him. We both encountered Christ on the Walk to Emmaus in a powerful way and I can honestly say that every aspect of our lives has been changed. Our daily Christian walk became a victorious one. We began to look at the world through “rainbow” tinted lenses (so to speak). Emmaus gave us freedom to be joyful and exuberant in our daily walk with Christ. Emmaus gave us the power to let go of the past and walk triumphantly in to the future. Emmaus gave us the ability to speak into the lives of hurting individuals and to really empathize with their pain. Emmaus gave us opportunities to grow and to become leaders, not just in the Emmaus community, but in our church. It taught us how to “love like Jesus” . It gave us the joy of sending each of our 3 children to Chrysalis where they bonded with other young folks who loved the Lord.

All that being said, we have had trials during the years we have been associated with the Emmaus community. Stan lost both his parents, I lost my dad and brother. But the most devastating loss was the loss of our precious daughter, Karen (C27 Butterfly) , due to a tragic accident. And shortly after that, the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease for Stan. There have been some very dark moments in our years where we called out to God and he sent loving Emmaus folks just when we needed them the most. They were there the night of Karen’s death holding our hands and loving us. Our Christian family surrounded us during the dark days, weeks, and months following Karen’s death. They prayed for us and held us up in prayer. They extended to Stan words of encouragement during his early days of PD and depression. They helped to revive his spirit and boost his confidence in himself enabling him to return to the work he loved so much, counseling and mentoring others.

Stan and I have served on countless Emmaus teams, Chrysalis teams, served on the board and leadership positions. A few years ago we joined with the leaders of our community when we be-came an independent community called NCA Emmaus, and helped to rewrite all of the documents we use today. This community has been our family and has walked with us on our journey of life. We can never begin to describe the impact Emmaus has made in our lives, but it has been tremendous. To each of you we say “De Colores!!!

May your life be filled with the colors of God’s love.”


Chrysalis 4th Day Testimony

Before I walked, I was in the darkest place of my life. Depression held me down from being myself and being close to the Lord. Once I walked, my life would never be the same. I saw God’s love in amazing ways and when I left the mountain I wanted to share that love. Even with this excitement, my fourth day has been full of ups and downs. For a while it had been a lot of ups because I knew what I was supposed to be in God’s eyes. Then God placed obstacles in my life to put my faith to the test. I have had times of doubt, fear, suicidal thoughts, relationship struggles, but I never lost the faith in God. I believe that this led me to become an R because of these challenges. I can pour out my leadership and faith to my team and inspire them to do the same works that God wants for the bugs. My overall goal is to show everyone not what I am able to do, but what God is able to do through me and everyone.

Chrysalis 4th Day Testimony

Vickie and Charlie Carroll

My name is Vickie Carroll, I worship at Park Valley Church, I walked on E-146 and sat at the table of Patience. Charlie and I just completed serving on our first Chrysalis weekend, C-101, and I’m excited to share our experience with you.

At first, we were resistant to serving on a Chrysalis weekend. Our children are all grown, and we were busy serving in the Emmaus community. Frankly, we didn’t think we’d have much to offer young adults or teens, but we couldn’t have been more wrong. Once teaming was underway, the first thing that struck us was how open and willing to share these “kids” were. Quickly, we got to know them on a personal level and the sharing and fellowship was amazing!

On the weekend, these young adults poured themselves into their assigned tasks, loved on the bugs, laughed with the adults and showed a deep desire to serve our Lord with every ounce of en-ergy they possessed. We were a small team, challenged by a few last-minute drops. The amount of preparation facing these young people was a lot, but they embraced their desire to lead this weekend, and did so with grace, enthusiasm, and efficiency. The adults on the team were happy to accept their leadership, and this weekend was in good hands from the first meeting until the door shut on the trailer on Sunday evening.

The butterflies of C-101 remarked over and over how amazing it was to see the team show so much love to them and to each other. I loved watching the metamorphosis from caterpillar to but-terfly! And it was great to see the changes in each of us on the team as we really became one and worked so well together.

I would encourage any adult looking to serve this community to consider teaming on a weekend soon. And if you can’t team, why not dedicate some time to attending a Candlelight or Closing, sponsoring a bug, or writing agape. These youth deserve all the support we can give as they pour their hearts out in service to the Lord.

Fly with Christ,

Vickie and Charlie Carroll