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E123 - New Windsor - April 21-24

Cadre and Team

Neal Ailstock ~ WLD ~ 4th Day Talk

Ernie Arnold ~ Dining Room ~ Christian Action

David Bates ~ Table Leader ~ Growth Through Study, Thursday Chapel Reading(John 14:1-14)

Tom Beeson ~ Talk Room ~ "Lord, I Have Time" Reading

Charlie Bonneville ~ Table Leader ~ Thursday Chapel Prayer (pg 10-11), Stations of the Cross

Craig Campesi ~ AHC ~ Priority

Rob Cannon ~ HC ~ Priesthood of All Believers

David Channell ~ Mananita ~ Asst Closing Stations of the Cross

Richard Cobb ~ SD ~ Grace Talks (Prevenient, Means, Sanctifying)

Tim Cuddy ~ AMD ~ Friday Chapel(Acts 1:1-8)

Matt Davis ~ Asst Talk Room ~ Discipleship

Tom Geenty ~ MD ~ DeColores Reading, Saturday Chapel Prayer (pg 9-10)

Jake Jacobs ~ Powerpoint ~ "Who Me?" Reading, Warm Fuzzie

Carl Jacques ~ Table Leader ~ Life in Piety, Thursday Chapel Reading (James 1:2-15), Via Dolorosa

Ron James Table Leader ~ Changing Our World, Thursday Chapel Prayer (pg 11-12)

Jim Krauss ~ Palanca ~ The Body of Christ, Sunday Chapel Prayer of St. Francis

Tom Lambert ~ Table Leader ~ "Please Hear What I'm Not Saying", Thursday Chapel Prayer (pg 13)

Greg Loewer ~ SD ~ Grace Talks (Justifying, Means, Obstacles)

Brian Manwiller ~ OB ~ Emeritus

Bob Martin ~ Asst Agape, Asst Dining Room Saturday Chapel (Ecclesiastes 3:1-15)

Dave Moore ~ Closing, Asst Mananita 4th Day DDU

Sean Niehoff ~ AWLD ~ Perseverance Talk

Don Raybuck ~ Chapel, Agape ~ Friday Chapel (Joshua 24:14-15)

Edgar Santiago ~ Asst Palanca ~ Friday Chapel Prayer (page 8)

Rick Zong ~ Table Leader ~ Thursday Chapel Reading (Psalm 62)


A Message from the WLD

In the community of believers we are sometimes called to do things that challenge us. When we are called to serve, some of the emotions we feel are excitement, fear, honor, confusion; all this can probably be said of team members as we are called to lead an Emmaus weekend. In John 15:16 Jesus says, “you did not choose me but I chose you” and we often tell others “you did not choose Jesus, Jesus chose you:” Likewise we can be certain God has chosen this team.

So if we are to have faith in Christ, we know that He will stand by us. We need to stop being excited and pray for calm; we have no reason to be scared because He is always with us. We should give up the honor because it belongs to Him; we should study so that we clear our minds of confusion so that we can do what He wants us to do. That leaves called, called to be an Emmaus team.

It is with Gods help and the prayers of this community and team that we will be able to rise to this challenge. We love our Lord and Savior more than anything and it is for Him that we work. We will try our best to lead this team where He wants us to go. We will be diligent in our preparations and will become His instruments. Pray for us not only because you want to, but also because we need you to.

Neal Ailstock, WLD




Todd Adkins - Elkhorn City Church of Christ, Elkhorn City, KY
Tom Allred - Fairlington UMC, Alexandria, VA
Nick Arroyo - Montclair Tabernacle CoG, Dumfries, VA
Paul Augsburger - Faith Baptist, Linden, VA
John Bartkowiak - Ch of the Redeemer Evan, GaithersburgMD
Bo Bobrosky - Cameron UMC, Alexandria, VA
Tom Brison - Sydenstricker UMC, Springfield, VA
Sean Bruck - Ferry Farm Baptist, Fredericksburg
Frank Dodson - Grace Community Church, Arlington, VA
Mark Feldner - First United Presbyterian, Dale City, VA
Joe Fine Montclair - Tabernacle CoG, Dumfries, VA
Mark Fisk - Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA
David Ford - Grace Community Church, Arlington, VA
Chris Geil - Mountain View Community Church, Culpeper, VA
Steve Graham - Grace Baptist, Woodbridge, VA
Kirby Griffis - Cameron UMC, Alexandria, VA
Jim Jamison - Cameron UMC, Alexandria, VA
Brad Lee - McLean Bible Church, McLean, VA
Brad Lewis - Montclair Tabernacle CoG, Dumfries, VA
Bob Lunger - Clarendon UMC, Arlington, VA
Jim Matthews - Dumfries UMC, Dumfries, VA
Danny Miante - St. Paul UMC, Woodbridge, VA
Charles Miller - From the Heart Church Ministries, Temple Hill
Jay Nuckolls - Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA
Tom Overcasher - Arlington UMC, Arlington, VA
Mark Pettera - Montclair Tabernacle CoG, Dumfries, VA
Johnny Rodriguez - Grace Community Church, Arlington, VA
Bob Rositzke - Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA
John Sadler - Episcopal
Art Scanlon - Prince of Peace UMC, Mansasas, VA
Richard Smith - Newness Life Bible Church, Bealton, VA
Duane Sours - Arlington UMC, Arlington, VA
Gordon Sparlin - Sydenstricker UMC, Springfield, VA
Rick Tadle - Hughesville Baptist, Hughesville, MD
Chuck - Thomas Dumfries UMC, Dumfries, VA
Alan Wright - Calvery Chapel of Richmond