Walk to Emmaus E124 ~ Bee Set Free

E124 to be held at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, MD. (click for directions)




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E124 - New Windsor - May 19-22


PLEASE NOTE - Emergency SD Change!*

Please keep the family of David & Denise Bates in your prayers. David’s father is very seriously ill and Denise and David are with him and their family. Because of this emergency, Denise is no longer able to serve as SD on E124. Pam Horner has graciously agreed to serve in her stead. Please remember Pastor Pam with your prayers, notes and palanca.

Tina Abel ~ OB, Overhead Cha, Floater Cha ~ Acts 1:1-8

Shelly Amundson ~ Head Cha (HC) ~ Mary Did You Know?, “Lord, I Have Time”

Jeanne Axtell ~ Mañanita Cha, Asst. Palanca Cha ~ Priority, Stations of the Cross

Suzie Beeson ~ Music Director (MD)

Cindy Bireley ~ AMD ~ “Who, Me?”

Judy Brawner ~ Old Buffalo (OB), Table Leader ~ Prayer, pg. 13 of Worship book

Bryan Buckles ~ SD ~ Grace Talks

Sam Gero ~ Table Leader ~ James 1:2-15

Grace Granger ~ Table Leader ~ Discipleship,
Prayer, pg. 11-12 of Worship book

*Rev. Pam Horner ~ SD ~ Grace Talks

Cheryl Leahy ~ AWLD

Shannon Jacobs ~ Agape Cha, Asst. Dining Room Cha ~ Changing Our World, Stations of the Cross

Gaberell James ~ Talk Room Cha ~ “Please Hear What I’m Not Saying”

Jessie Kearns ~ Dining Room Cha ~ Christian Action

Mary Ann Krauss ~ Weekend Lay Director (WLD) ~ Fourth Day, Via Dolorosa

Cheryl Leahy ~ Perseverance

Mary Lotito ~ AHC, Prayer of St. Francis

Cindy Manucci ~ Asst. Talk Room Cha, Asst. Mañanita Cha ~ PriestHood of All Believers

Lyntoria Milne

Phyllis Mulholland ~ Chapel Cha, Asst. Closing Cha ~ Joshua 24: 14-15

Allison Palmer ~ Palanca Cha ~ Body of Christ, Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

Joyce Rodgers ~ Table Leader ~ John 14:1-14

Trudy Shearin ~ Table Leader ~ Psalm 62

Jackie Shrum ~ OB, Closing Cha, Asst. Chapel Cha ~ Prayer, pg. 8 of Worship book

Phyllis Welborn ~ Asst. Agape Cha ~ Life In Piety, Prayer, pg.9-10 of Worship book


Our team verse is 2 Timothy 1:7..

"The Lord did not give us a spirit of fear, but of LOVE, POWER AND SOUND MIND."


A Message from the WLD

SET FREE.. sounds so good, feels so great!  In a world where so many issues threaten to discourage us &  Satan tells us “you can’t”, reminds us of all the times we have failed, and tries to steal our joy & diminish our power – His grace SETs us FREE (AMAZING GRACE).   The mind is the battlefield and the Lord gives us the armor, empowers us to overcome and be set free from fears, negative thoughts, guilt and temptations.We cherish  your prayers for this E-124 weekend as we know many carry heavy loads, & JESUS is the answer!  Greater is He that is within us, we will praise the hurt away!  
We pray that as we emphasize this theme in teaming, the weekend, and the FOURTH DAY  there will be NO FEAR of heavy issues, no need for those matters to fill our minds with negative thoughts or steal our joy and love for God and others.  He gives us the tools we need.  Thank you, Jesus!  
He created the awesome BEE who ergonomically should NOT be able to fly.. our burdens are often so heavy that the world would say you can’t go on.. but with His grace we are SET FREE and we fly high like the bees..  Please join us as we SOAR with His power!

BEE JOYFUL ALWAYS – I love you so,

Mary Ann Krauss



Susan Adkins ~ Clearview Gospel Mission, Martinsville, VA
Cathlene ~ Albrecht First United Presbyterian, Dale City, VA
Yoli Antonio ~ Calvary UMC, Arlington, VA
Mary Armstrong ~ First Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA
Dulce Arroyo ~ Abundance of Life, Alexandria, VA
Melody Augsburger ~ Faith Baptist, Linden, VA
Betty Boucher ~ United Christian Parish, Reston,VA
Betsy Bruce ~ Glen Carlyn Road Baptist, Falls Church, VA
Linda Burke ~ Springfield UMC, Springfield, VA
Marionette Changes ~ Cameron UMC, Alexandria, VA
Esther Cloud ~ Grace Community Church, Arlington, VA
Eve Conner ~ Hatcher's Memorial Baptist Church, Bristow, VA
Jane Curtis ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA
Nancy DiBella ~ St. Matthew's UMC, Annandale, VA
Lynda Dodson ~ Grace Community Church, Arlington, VA
Irene Enokida ~ Springfield UMC, Springfield, VA
Keri Ford ~ Grace Community Church, Arlington, VA
Margaret Gallihugh ~ St. Mark's UMC, Manassas, VA
Angela George ~ Montclair Tabernacle CoG, Dumfries, VA
Misty Given
Stephanie Gottschalk ~ First UMC, Waynesburg, PA
Karen Hastings ~ Barcroft Bible Church, Fairfax, VA
Lisa Kelly (Deifer) ~ Calvary UMC, Arlington, VA
Cheri Koger ~ Glory Tabernacle, Washington DC
Mia Lee ~ McLean Bible Church, McLean, VA
Melissa Lorenzo ~ Church of the Redeemer, Gaithersburg, MD
Margaret Maddox ~ Living Waters Church International, Tallahassee FL
Cathy Matson ~ Messiah UMC, Springfield, VA
Danielle Mester ~ Prayer & Care Ministries
Bree Morel ~ Dumfries UMC
Patricia Pennant ~ Good Shepherd UMC, Woodbridge, VA
Rhonda Pettera ~ Montclair Tabernacle CoG, Dumfries, VA
Debra Richardson ~ Messiah UMC, Springfield, VA
Faye Schimmel ~ Cameron UMC, Alexandria, VA
Evelyn Simms ~ Grace Community Church, Arlington, VA
Denise Simms ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge, VA
Linda Sines ~ Montclair Tabernacle CoG, Dumfries, VA
Cheryl Stevens ~ St. Paul UMC, Woodbridge, VA