Walk to Emmaus E125 ~ He Said I Am!

E125 to be held at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, MD. (click for directions)

and after the Walk,... It's DDU Time!*




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E125 - New Windsor - June 23-26

Cadre and Team

Craig Amundson ~ Head Cha ~ Saturday Morning Bible Reading

Al Barbier, Jr. ~ Old Buffalo ~ Friday Morning Prayer, Stations of the Cross

Matthew Billingsley ~ Mananita Cha, Assistant Agape Cha ~ Body of Christ Talk

Ed Chabay ~ Chapel Cha ~ "Who Me?"

Jack Christie ~ Closing Cha, Assistant Mananita Cha ~ "Lord, I have Time"

Michael Collins ~ Dining Room Cha, Assistant Saturday Night Agape Feast Cha ~ "Please Hear What I'm Not Saying"

Jim Conklin ~ Talk Room Cha ~ Friday Morning Reading

Larry Craddock ~ Spiritual Director ~ Justifying, Means of, and Sanctifying Grace Talks

Jack Elgin ~ Assitant Head Cha ~ Life in Piety Talk

Tom Geenty ~ Assistant Music Director ~ Assistant Closing Cha ~ Friday Morning Bible Reading

Don Halterman ~ Table Leader~ Thursday Evening Reading

Todd Hastings ~ Table Leader ~ Thursday Evening Reading, DDU Fourth Day Talk

Jan Janiczek ~Talk Room Cha, AV Cha ~ Priesthood of All Believers

Dan Leahy ~ Agape Cha ~ Discipleship Talk

Jim Leamon ~ Spritual Director ~ Prevenient, Means of, & Obstacles to Grace Talks

Rob Lloyd ~ Music Director ~ DeColores Story

Paul Milne ~ Table Leader ~ Thursday Evening Reading, Growth Through Study Talk

Larry Nottingham ~Table Leader ~ Thursday Evening Prayer

Jon Perkins ~ Table Leader ~ Thursday Evening Prayer, Changing Our World Talk

Rock Roberts ~Table Leader ~ Thursday Evening Prayer, Christian Action

Tom Rogers ~ Old Buffalo ~ Saturday Morning Prayer, Stations of the Cross Reader

Mark Romaneski ~ Saturday Night Agape Feast Cha, Assistant Dining Room Cha ~ Priority Talk

Paul Spangenberg ~ Weekend Lay Director ~ Perseverance Talk

Jerry Taylor ~ Assistant Weekend Lay Director ~ Fourth Day Talk



A Message from the WLD

The theme for E-125 is He said “I Am”. When God came down to deliver the Israelites from the hand of Pharaoh, he revealed himself as “I Am that I Am”. When Jesus came down from Heaven to save all of mankind from their sins, He revealed himself as the very same God in the flesh in John 8:58, by saying that “Before Abraham was I Am”.

Jesus made many “I Am” statements about himself.  I Am the Light of the World, the I Am the Good Shepherd, I Am the Way the Truth and the Life; I Am the Bread of Life, I Am the True Vine and I Am the Alpha and the Omega.

I take great comfort in knowing that God goes before me and after me, he lights my way and guides me in truth and in life, he feeds my soul and body as I remain in him.
We the team of E-125 would like to thank you for all the prayers and love and support that we have already received.  We ask for your continued prayers for us and the Pilgrims that God will entrust to our care. We also ask that you remember those Pilgrims with your Palanca

It may not be too late to sponsor a pilgrim for this weekend, June 23-26 th.

De Colores
Paul Spangenberg
Lay Director E-125


John Alderton ~ First Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA
Larry Anderson ~ Triangle Baptist Church, Triangle, VA
Ric Angresano ~ Gainesville UMC, Gainesville, VA
Daryl Banks ~ Mount Zion Baptist, Triangle
Mike Child, Jr. ~ Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, Stafford, VA
Jim Conklin, Jr. ~ Fairfax UMC, Fairfax, VA
Rob Crum ~ Lord's Church (Baptist), Fredericksburg, VA
Mark Fahner ~ Oakton UMC, Oakton
Dennis Fairbanks ~ Messiah UMC, Springfield, VA
Vic Fraenckel ~ McLean Bible Church, McLean, VA
George Gallimore ~ Burke United Methodist, Burke, VA
David Halla ~ First Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA
Morgan Hamilton ~ Rising Hope UMC, Alexandria, VA
Leroy Hyson ~ Church of the Redeemer, Gaithersburg, MD
Dan Lemmon ~ Clarendon UMC, Arlington, VA
Danny Morel ~ Dumfries UMC, Dumfries, VA
Steve Phillips ~ Lake Ridge Baptist, Woodbridge, VA
Mike Powers ~ First United Presbyterian, Dale City, VA
Eric Shad ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA
Steve Tarry ~ Dumfries UMC, Dumfries, VA
Dick Turner ~ Annandale UMC, Annandale, VA
Dave Tyeryar ~ Centreville Presbyterian, Centreville, VA
Jonathan Watkins
Bob Wetherbie ~ Cameron UMC, Alexandria, VA
Bennet Whitlock, III ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge
Ben Wiles ~ Columbia Baptist, Falls Church, VA
Steve Woodzell ~ Sydenstricker UMC, Springfield, VA
Rick Zwirnbaum


* Day of Deeper Understanding

Our E125 DDU will be held at 8:30AM, Saturday, July 9, 2005 at St.Stephen’s UMC, Burke, VA in the Chapel. This will be a wonderful reunion, and a chance to learn a bit more about this amazing organization. Come hear about the history of the Walk to Emmaus, how the weekends are prepared, and how you can help with this blessed ministry opportunity.

Remember, you must attend a DDU before sponsoring friends or joining a Team.

Christ is Counting on You ~ See you there!!!