Walk to Emmaus E127 ~ He Reigns on High

E127 to be held at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, MD. (click for directions)




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E127 - New Windsor - Nov. 3-6

Cadre and Team

Rodney Cahow
David Channel
Doug Covert
Michael Drennan SD
Joe Forrer OB
Victor Granger
Steve Hood
Dan Horner SD
Bryan Jones AWLD
Jim Krauss HC
Chris Kreiler
Jay Nesmith WLD
John Park
Walt Peterman
Bill Pfancuff
Glen Phillips AMD
Steve Russ MD
Fred Selby
Geoff Steele
Jeffery Tidd
Larry Towne
Jim Turner
Don Watkins AHC
Jeremy Wood


A Message from the WLD

It is the first week of April as I sit down to write this and spring is popping out all over. As God shows, all things are becoming new again, much like our redemption in Christ, for he wipes our slate clean. I feel honored and blessed to have been chosen to serve as WLD on E-127. I made my walk in March of 1993 on E-51 and since then I have been blessed many times over on Emmaus and Chrysalis weekends and through all of the community members as well.

Already as you may have guessed, prayers are going out for the team God will choose as well as the pilgrims who will walk on this last weekend of 2005. The theme of the weekend is “ He Reigns On High” because He is ABOVE ALL else. One of my favorite books of the Bible is James. This short book, only five chapters, has an amazing amount of insight and wisdom in it. One of my favorite bible verses is Philippians 4:13- “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. I try to put Christ first in all I do, but fail over and over again because I’m not perfect. None of us are. But we have a gracious and merciful God who loves us, despite all of our misgivings. He knows we are not perfect yet He calls us, just as we are, to be His servants. And we will serve the pilgrims of E-127. We will humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord so that we can let His light shine through us!

Please keep the weekend of E-127 in your prayers. Pray that we put God first and seek His wisdom in all the decisions we must make, to keep all of the team healthy and strong and be united as one brotherhood of warriors as we put on the armor of God, so we may serve the pilgrims of E-127. And most of all, pray for the men who will walk on this weekend-that their eyes may see and ears may hear the wonderful message God will have for them on this weekend.

Blessings and love to all,




Jim Batchelder ~ Good Shepherd Catholic, Alexandria
Frank Bertrand ~ Church of Good Shepherd UMC, Vienna
Randy Boice ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge
Fred Bunch ~ Aldersgate UMC, Alexandria
John Coburn ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge
Bill Cody ~ Aldersgate UMC, Alexandria
Wes Conner ~ Hatcher's Memorial Baptist, Bristow
Mike Crane ~ Aldersgate UMC, Alexandria
Tom Croce, III ~ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton RC, Woodbridge
Fred Duckworth ~ Vinyard Christian Fellowship, Woodbridge
Larry Garelick ~ Dumfries UMC, Dumfries, VA
Steve Graham ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge
Jeff Hackman ~ Regester Chapel UMC, Stafford
Adrian Hill ~ Aldersgate UMC, Alexandria
Jack Hopkins, Jr. ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge
Tristan Jones ~ Calvary UMC, Arlington
Cliff Kreiler ~ Hillcrest UMC, Fredricksburg
Al Lewis ~ Gateway Bible Church
Carl Little ~ Grace Community Church, Arlington

Victor Lopez ~ Burke UMC, Burke
Peter Macy ~ Grace Community Church, Arlington
Paul Melnick ~ Clarendon UMC, Arlington
Jason Micheli ~ Aldersgate UMC, Alexandria
Jim Morris ~ Prince of Peace UMC, Manassas
Curt Nibert ~ Grace Community Church, Arlington
Sam Parris ~ First United Presbyterian, Dale City
Jim Pengson ~ St. Francis of Assisi RC, Triangle
Lee Petty ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge
Steve Phillips ~ Lake Ridge Baptist, Woodbridge, VA
Julius Porias ~ Franconia UMC, Franconia
Roger Provost First United Presbyterian, Dale City
Scott Redman ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge
Dave Robinson ~ Montgomery UMC, Damascus, MD
Roger Rudy ~ Springfield UMC, Springfield
Paul Song ~ Grace Community Church, Arlington
Doug Spalding ~ Silverbrook UMC, Lorton
Jim Stacy ~ Good Shepherd UMC, Woodbridge, VA
Dan Tiedge ~ St. John's Neumann RC, Reston
Bill Weppner ~ Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, Stafford
Bill Zachman ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge

1st Alt. Randy Bergquist ~ Centreville Presbyterian, Centreville
2nd Alt. Kim Bennett ~ Cameron UMC, Alexandria