Emmaus NCA E136 ~ Go Light Your World

E136 to be held at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, MD. (click for directions)

and after the Walk,... It's DDU Time!*




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E136 - New Windsor - May 17 - 20, 2007

Cadre and Team

Shelly Amundson ~ Music Director – Sunday reading,“Who, Me?”

Annette Barbier ~ Rectora – Fourth Day Talk

Stephanie Barrett ~ Table Leader – Thursday prayer p. 13

Eileen Canavan ~ Chapel Cha – Asst. Mananita Cha – Growth Through Study Talk

Julie Froom ~ Table Leader – Body of Christ Talk – Thursday reading John 14:1-14

Jen Girten ~ Asst. Dining Room Cha – Friday prayer p. 8

Linda Girten ~ Asst. Talk Room Cha - Asst. Agape Feast Cha - Friday “Lord I Have Time”

Margaret Gravel ~ Table Leader – Thursday prayer p. 10 - 11

Beth Hutsko ~ Closing Cha – Asst. Chapel Cha – Friday reading Joshua 24:14-15

Dorea Jones ~ Table Leader – DDU Fourth Day Talk – Friday reading Acts 1:1-8

Jim Leamon ~ Spiritual Director – Prevenient Grace Talk, Obstacles to Grace Talk

Marsha Lunceford ~ Asst. Palanca Cha – Saturday prayer p. 9-10

Beth Mickey ~ Palanca Cha – Priority Talk

Dawn Mosteller ~ Asst. Head Cha – Saturday, “Please Hear What I’m Not Saying”

Brenda Nau ~ Head Cha – Saturday reading Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

Laura Newberry ~ Table Leader – Christian Action Talk – Thursday prayer p. 11-12

Maryann O’Brien ~ Table Leader – Changing Our World Talk – Thursday reading James 1:2-15

Patty Plummer ~ Talk Room Cha – Life in Piety Talk

Karalee Romaneski ~ Asst. Music Director – Discipleship Talk, Thursday reading
Psalm 62 – Via Dolorosa, Stations of the Cross

Kathy Skilton ~ Asst. Rectora – Perseverance Talk

Dawn Squires ~ Agape Feast Cha – Stations of the Cross, Reader

Carolyn Tidd ~ Mananita Cha – Floater Cha – Sunday “Prayer of St. Francis”

Russ Urban ~ Spiritual Director – Justifying Grace Talk, Means of Grace Talk, Sanctifying
Grace Talk

Susan Young ~ Dining Room Cha – Asst. Closing Cha – Priesthood of All Believers Talk –
Stations of the Cross, Mary



A Message from the Rectora

The verse for our weekend is from Matthew 5:14-16. “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

In our theme song, ”Go Light Your World”, the chorus says:
Carry your candle, run to the darkness
Seek out the hopeless, confused and torn
Hold out your candle for all to see it
Take your candle, and go light your world
Take your candle, and go light your world

How many times does God present us with opportunities to take His unconditional love to make the world a better place, to bring joy to those around us? Whether at work, church, the grocery store, the gym or with our family and friends, we have an opportunity to shine like a beacon of light -- a light that radiates Jesus’ love, understanding and forgiveness.

Take your candle and go light your worldDe Colores!
Annette Barbier


Jeannie Beidler ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge

Lee Bielefeldt ~ St. Paul UMC, Woodbridge

Cathy Boga ~ Silverbrook UMC, Lorton

Gail Breed ~ St. Stephen's UMC, Burke

Saira Burrell ~ First Nazarene Church of Woodbridge

Priscilla Cessna ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge

Margaret Crispin ~ Ebenezer UMC, Stafford\

Debbie Focht ~ Centreville UMC, Centreville

Erica Ford ~ Church of the Redeemer, Gaithersburg, MD

Lisa Glidwell ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge

JoAnne Gray ~ First Church of the Nazarene, Woodbridge

Julie Horton ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge

Michelle Housum ~ St. Mark's UMC, Manassas

Beth Huse ~ Clarendon UMC, Arlington

Michele Jones ~ Good Shepherd UMC, Woodbridge

Ali Kay ~ Ascension Lutheran, Towson, MD

Stacey Kenkeremath ~ Calvary UMC, Arlington

Maribel Martinez ~ Montclair Tabernacle CoG, Dumfries

Megan McCluskey-Billingsley ~ Church of the Messiah, Episcopal, Spotsylvania

Venisa McCormick ~ Bethlehem Baptist, Alexandria

Mary Mellott ~ St. Mark's UMC, Manassas

Rhonda Miller ~ Franconia UMC, Franconia

Cathy Moberly ~ St. Matthew's UMC, Annandale

Kiazan Moneypenny ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge

Michelle Ohmke ~ Sleepy Hollow UMC, Falls Church

Hope Price ~ Engleside Church of God, Alexandria

Tonona Taylor ~ Emmanuel Covenant, Hyattsville, MD

Fran Velasquez ~ Triangle Baptist Church, Triangle

Michelle Williams ~ Columbia Baptist, Falls Church

  * Day of Deeper Understanding

Our DDU will be held at St. Stephen’s UMC (9203 Braddock Road, Burke , VA 22015) from 8:30 to 11:30 am on June 2. This will be a great time for seeing friends and a chance to learn more about the Emmaus community and how it is organized. There will be a speaker and, of course, singing and food! Come and hear about how the weekends are prepared and the history of the Emmaus NCA.

Remember, you must attend a DDU before sponsoring friends or joining a Team.

Christ is Counting on You ~ See you there!!!