Emmaus NCA E138 ~ Be Still & Know that I am God

E138 to be held at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, MD. (click for directions)

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E138 - New Windsor - Sept. 13 - 16, 2007

Cadre and Team

Cathleen Albrecht ~ Table Leader, Prayer p.3-4 Narrator for Stations of the Cross

Martha Ashton ~ Table Leader, Prayer p. 1, Prayer p.2-3

Nancy Baldwin ~ Talk Room Cha, Hebrews 10:22-25

Eve Conner ~ Table Leader, James 1:2-15 “Please Hear What I am Not Saying”

Jenny Day ~ Spiritual Director

Melissa Detwiler ~ Talk Room Cha, Priority Talk, Voice of Mary in Stations of the Cross, Assistant Agape Feast Cha

Gloria Esterline ~ Music Director, Priest Hood of All Believers Talk

Stan Esterline ~ Spiritual Director

Sam Gero ~ Palanca Cha, Assistant Closing Cha, Act 1:1-8

Jayne Glass ~ Table Leader, Growth Through Study Talk, Prayer p.3

Jennifer Glidwell ~ Assistant Dining Room Cha, Closing Cha, Christian Action Talk, Prayer p.1

Reina Graham ~ Table Leader, John 14:1-14, Body of Christ Talk

Shannon Jacobs ~ Assistant Head Cha

Mary Ann Krauss ~ Old Buffalo, Prayer of Saint Francis,

Cheryl Leahy ~ Rectora, 4th Day Talk

Mary Lotito ~ Dining Room Cha, Joshua 24: 14-15

Cindy Mannucci ~ Head Cha, “Lord, I Have Time”

Janet Matthews ~ Mananita Cha, Assistant Chapel Cha

Phyllis Mulholland ~ Assistant Rectora, Perseverance Talk

Denise Parris ~ Assistant Palanca Cha, Assistant Mananita Cha, Changing Our World Talk

Carolyn Ritenour ~ Agape Feast Cha, “ Who, Me?”

Cindy Rogers ~ Assistant Music Director. Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

Debbie Sellers ~ Chapel Cha, Life in Piety Talk

Carolyn Tidd ~ Table Leader, Discipleship Talk, Psalm 62



A Message from the WLD

Verse - Psalm 46:10
Song - In the Secret

It is early in the morning, a quiet time when I can pray and have a moment with God. But today is different and makes me even more aware of how noisy the world is and how it can take over our lives. Yesterday the house flooded. There are giant fans sitting throughout our home. Dehumidifiers are taking moisture from the air. The carpets are gone. What was once soft to the feet is now hard and rough. How did life change so quickly?

In the midst of a hectic and changing world how do we practice stillness? In the midst of life’s challenges how do we seek to be still and know the love and grace only our Heavenly Father can give us?

This is the focus of E-138, “Be Still and Know that I am God.” We are trying to respect the command that our Lord gave us to “Be Still.” It is not a suggestion, it is a command. It takes practice, perseverance and becomes a priority. But in this stillness there is sweet reward, time to think, breathe, reflect, renew, learn, share and connect.

As the sweet ladies and gentleman of E-138 prepare for the pilgrims and weekend in the midst of a hectic world, we ask you to join us in making time to “Be Still.” It may be the best moment of your day.

Please keep us in your prayers. This team is filled with prayerful servants of God. We will be praying for you

God Bless,
Cheryl Leahy
Rectora E-138


Heather Bosley-Papp ~ Dumfries UMC, Dumfries
Dee Bradley ~ Annandale UMC, Annandale
Joyce Carver ~ St. Matthew's UMC, Annandale
Barb Chodur ~ St. Jerome Catholic, Tamaqua, PA
Cathy Clater
Arien Conner ~ Hatcher's Memorial Baptist, Bristow
Gail Cordero ~ Hatcher's Memorial Baptist, Bristow
Jeanie Cross ~ Central UMC, Arlington
Kate Doland ~ Front Royal UMC, Front Royal, MD
Becky George ~ First United Presbyterian, Dale City
Sharon Glidwell ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge
Terri Huberdeau ~ St. Paul UMC, Woodbridge
Linda Humphrey ~ Hatcher's Memorial Baptist, Bristow
Pam Jones ~ Sleepy Hollow UMC, Falls Church
Dawn King ~ Regester Chapel UMC, Stafford
Julie Kinner ~ Sleepy Hollow UMC, Falls Church
Kim Lemons ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge
Carol Lynch ~ Prince of Peace UMC, Manassas
Hilda Molina ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge
Beth Nettuno ~ Sleepy Hollow UMC, Falls Church
Taiwo Ogundipe ~ Church of the Redeemer, Gaithersburg, MD
Michele Parris ~ Van Dyke UMC, Lutz, FL
Cathy Peterson ~ Hatcher's Memorial Baptist, Bristow
Nefretete Rasheed ~ St. Lukes Episcopal, Washington DC
Janet Rochon ~ Sleepy Hollow UMC, Falls Church
Zada Russ ~ Chapel Hill UMC, Henderson, KY
Ann Santolla ~ Good Shepherd UMC, Woodbridge
Pat Sherfey ~ Annandale UMC, Annandale
Andrea Silbernagel ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge
Rosalie Snyder ~ Davis UMC, Davis, WV
Shelley Soule ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge
Denise Tabron ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge
Jane Thatcher ~ St. Matthew's UMC, Annandale
Cindy Tucker ~ Sleepy Hollow UMC, Falls Church
Andrea VanPelt ~ St. Mark's UMC, Manassas
Gela Wachholz-Yee ~ First United Presbyterian, Dale City
Sarah Walker ~ Aldersgate UMC, Alexandria
Margaret Woods ~ Prince of Peace UMC, Manassas


* Day of Deeper Understanding

Our DDU will be held at First United Presbyterian Church, Dale City (FUPCDC) from 8:30 to 11:30 am on October 27. This will be a great time for seeing friends and a chance to learn more about the Emmaus community and how it is organized. There will be a speaker and, of course, singing and food! Come and hear about how the weekends are prepared and the history of the Emmaus NCA.