Emmaus NCA E145 ~ It's Amazing!

E145 to be held at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, MD. (click for directions)

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and after the Walk,... It's DDU Time! - Jan. 24 8:30am - DUMFRIES UMC*




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E145- New Windsor - Dec. 4 - 7, 2008

Cadre and Team

Duane Brawner - Asst. Dining Room Cha- Who, Me?, Sunday Morning Chapel --------- Triangle Baptist

Rodney Cahow - Palanca Cha --------- Dumfries

Jack Christi - Asst. Palanca Cha- Discipleship Talk --------- St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic

David Channell - Rector- 4th Day Talk- Stations Of
The Cross, Reader #1--------- Dumfries UMC

Richard Cobb - Spiritual Director- Justifying,
Obstacles, and Santifying Grace Talks --------- Central UMC

Gene Cross - Table Leader- James 1: 2-15, Thursday
Evening --------- Central UMC

Tim Cuddy - Old Buffalo- Closing Cha- Asst. Mananita Cha --------- Dumfries UMC

Garey Eakes - Spiritual Director- Previenient and
Means Of Grace- Closing Communion --------- Faith UMC

Joe Forrer - Asst. Music Director- Priority Talk
--------- Grace Baptist

Tom Geenty - Asst. Rector- Perseverance Talk-
Stations Of The Cross, Music --------- Dumfries UMC

Doug Geeting - Table Leader- John 14:1-14, Thursday Evening- Stations Of The Cross, Reader #2 --------- Dumfries UMC

Steve Graham - Table Leader- 4th Day Talk At The
DDU- Prayer pg. 11-12, Thursday Evening --------- Grace Baptist

Stan Grigsby - Table Leader- Prayer pg13 of Worship Book, Thursday Evening --------- Camerom UMC

Todd Hastings - Head Cha- Lord I Have Time, Saturday Morning Chapel ---------- Catholic

Jim Krauss - Old Buffalo- Talk Room Cha- Asst. Agape Feast Cha- Acts 1: 1-8- Stations Of The Cross, Via Dolorosa --------- Dumfries UMC

Jake Jacobs - Music Director- De Colores Story-
Prayer pg. 9-10, Saturday Morning Chapel --------- Brethren

Jan Janiczek - Old Buffalo- Audio Visual and Floater Cha- Body Of Christ Talk- Ecclesiastes 3:1-15, Saturday Morning Chapel ---------
Dumfries UMC

Tom Lambert - Dining Room Cha- Priesthood Of All Believers Talk --------- Sydenstricker UMC

Jerry Mannucci - Asst.Talk Room Cha- Agape Feast
Cha- Please Hear What I'm Not Saying, Dying Moments --------- Springfield UMC

Gary McCluskey - Table Leader- Life In Piety Talk-
Prayer pg.10-11of Worship Book, Thursday Evening --------- Old Bridge UMC

Tom Overcasher - Chapel Cha- Christian Action Talk- Joshua 24:14-15, Friday Morning Chapel --------- Arlington UMC

Tony Papp - Table Leader- Changing Our World
Talk- Psalm 62, Thursday Evening --------- Dumfries UMC

Ed Tucker - Asst. Head Cha- Prayer pg.8 Worship
Book, Friday Morning Chapel --------- Sleepy Hollow UMC

Bill Zachman - Mananita Cha- Asst. Closing Cha- Growth Through Study Talk --------- Grace Baptist


A Message from the "R"

When I was a young boy at the age of 7, and in the first grade, I remember reading from the old “Dick and Jane” reader. I remember clearly how life in the 1950’s was portrayed through the literary characters of Dick and Jane and how the class would emphasize the words “run Spot run, see Spot run” whenever this lovable little Spaniel would appear on the page. But, this is not what I remember most about that simple literary text. What I remember most is turning to the last page of the book and seeing an image of Christ on the cross, i.e., the Crucifix. At this moment I see clearly the crown of thorns, His blood running freely down the cheeks of a contorted face. His open wounds impressed me deeply.

The images that remain with me to this day were a mystery until I matured enough to understand what my Sunday School teachers were attempting to help me understand. As my maturity evolved, and as I understood the teachings of the Bible better, I came to fully appreciate the message given to all of us in John 3:16, that God did sacrifice His Son Jesus Christ so that all believers may have everlasting life. I find this quite amazing. This truly is amazing love, and it is this that led me to select the theme “It’s Amazing” for the E-145 weekend.

When I was called to be the Rector for this weekend I was unabashedly chagrined, for how could God select a sinner like me to lead 23 other fine men on a mission in His service? I had a difficult time rationalizing His choice of Rector until I was offered a scripture reading with the thought that it would help in my understanding of the opportunity that was being presented. The scripture that I was given to read was I Corinthians 15:10.

Through various sources Paul received reports of problems in the Corinthian Church, including jealously, divisiveness, sexual immorality and a failure to discipline its members. Interestingly enough, Paul had been an enemy of the church even to the extent of persecuting its members. Understanding the environment from whence he came, he addressed the Corinthian Church’s issues and at the same time described the hardships he had to undergo in order to become the Christian God wanted him to be:

“But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all, yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.”

The Team of E-145 and I have looked inward, and we have come to the realization that God is with us, that he is in control and that we will be ready pass on His grace through unquestioned service to each and every Pilgrim that will be on the mountain from December fourth through the seventh.

God bless, and De Colores – David Channell


Mark Beckler

Cecil Berkley Jr. ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge, VA

Dennis Burton ~ Living Faith Ministries, Manassas, VA

Raul Castillo ~ Cameron UMC, Alexandria, VA

Danny Cox ~ First Baptist Church, Woodbridge, VA

Alex Eng ~ First Baptist Church, Woodbridge, VA

Tom Evans ~ Silverbrook UMC, Lorton, VA

Michael Gentile ~ Dumfries UMC, Dumfries, VA

Brian Gorham ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge, VA

Otto Guenther ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA

Ray Heddings ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge, VA

Randy Howard ~ First Baptist Church, Woodbridge, VA

George Jones

Aaron Jullien ~ Dumfries UMC, Dumfries, VA

Craig Kauffman ~ Clarendon UMC, Arlington, VA

Doug Mairena ~ Sleepy Hollow UMC, Falls Church, VA

Jay Morris ~ Annandale UMC, Annandale, VA

Bill Parker ~ Good Shepherd UMC, Woodbridge, VA

Pete Peters ~ St. Matthew's UMC, Annandale, VA

Andy Powell ~ Rising Hope UMC, Alexandria, VA

Eric Reidy

Kaveh Sanatjou ~ Central UMC, Arlington, VA

Chris Staub ~ Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church, Annandale, VA

Shane Stauffer ~ Grace Baptist, Woodbridge, VA

Kevin Sweeney ~ Clarendon UMC, Arlington, VA

Tom Swingle ~ Dumfries UMC, Dumfries, VA

Roberto Valencia

Gerald Warren ~ Rising Hope UMC, Alexandria, VA

Glen Wildey ~ Beverdam Baptist Church, Beverdam, VA

Bill Zachman Sr. ~ Harvest Church, Washington, NC


* Day of Deeper Understanding

Our DDU will be held at Dumfries UMC on January 24 from 8:30am to 12:00pm. This will be a great time for seeing friends and a chance to learn more about the Emmaus community and how it is organized. There will be a speaker and, of course, singing and food! Come and hear about how the weekends are prepared and the history of the Emmaus NCA.