Emmaus NCA E148 ~ Tell The People I Love Them

E148 to be held at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, MD. (click for directions)

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E148- New Windsor - June 4 - 7, 2009

Cadre and Team

Cathlene Albrecht ~ Closing Cha, Assistant Chapel Cha, Please Hear What Iím Not Saying

Stephanie Barrett ~ Mananita Cha, Assistant Dining Room Cha

Bev Barthmeier ~ Assistant Rectora, Perseverance Talk, Warm Fuzzy Story

Richard Cobb ~ Spiritual Director, Obstacles to Grace, Justifying Grace and Sanctifying Grace

Janet Floyd ~ Table Leader, Christian Action Talk, Facing Trials Reading

Nancy Geeting ~ Table Leader, Priesthood of All Believers Talk

Becky George ~ Assistant Head Cha, Body of Christ Talk

Betsy Gilbert ~ Table Leader, Stations of the Cross Reading, Chapel Reading

Kathy Mae Henry ~ Table Leader, Chapel Reading

Suzie Jelinski ~ Table Leader, Who Me? Reading, What is Truth? Reading

Teri Johnson ~ Rectora, Fourth Day Talk

Debby Krieter ~ Dining Room Cha, Growth through Study Talk

Greg Loewer ~ Spiritual Director, Prevenient Grace, Means of Grace

Rhonda Miller ~ Table Leader, Stations of the Cross Reading, Seeing Clearly Reading

April Moore ~ Old Buffalo, Floater Cha, Asst Closing Cha, Witness for Christ Reading

Martha Mraz ~ Chapel Cha, Discipleship Talk

Maryann OíBrien ~ Talk Room Cha, Life in Piety Talk, Via Delorosa

Denise Parris ~ Head Cha

Patty Plummer ~ Assistant Music Director, Chapel Reading

Cindy Rogers ~ Music Director, Decolores Story, Chapel Reading

Cynde Rogers ~ Assistant Palanca Cha, Assistant Mananita Cha, DDU Fourth Day Talk

Kathy Woodley ~ Agape Feast Cha, Priority Talk, A Time for Everything Reading

Susan Young ~ Asst. Talk Room Cha, Assistant Agape Cha, Chapel Reading, Lord I Have Time

Caroline Zong ~ Palanca Cha, Changing Our World Talk


A Message from the "R"

Tell The People I Love Them.

These are the words God has laid on my heart as the theme for E-148. I pray our spoken words and our actions amplify this message and express the depth of Godís great love as we reach out to each other and the pilgrims during this special time. Day after day I hear and see the difficulties faced by those throughout the World, our Nation, communities in which we live, even my own family. In response to these heartaches, times of despair and uncertainty, Godís love for us has and will never falter.

The scripture to accompany the weekend theme is Matthew 10:5-8:

Jesus sent his twelve harvest hands out with this charge: ďGo to the lost, confused people right here in the neighborhood. Tell them that the kingdom is here. Bring health to the sick. Raise the dead. Touch the untouchables. Kick out the demons. You have been treated generously, so live generously.Ē

As I focus on these words, I reflect back on the lost and confused state I was in before my Forth Day began. Transformed by the power of Godís love expressed through spoken words, a bag full of love letters, hugs, and countless acts of humble servanthood, during my Emmaus weekend, I left Godís mountain with an overwhelming sense to pass on the priceless gift of Godís love to all.

The words from ďTell The People I Love ThemĒ clearly express the feelings of many throughout their life to include myself, the deep love God has for us depicted through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, and His constant presence in our lives.

Last night Jesus came to me Wiped the tears from my eyes And He said not to worry so He would stay by my side

Then He looked out upon the world In the darkness of night And He turned and He spoke to me oh so sadly he sighed

When I walked upon Calvary and I poured out my life I died for each one of them so that they might have life

I will always remember when He came to me For once I had blinded eyes but now I can see

Tell the people I love them; tell the people I care When they feel far away from me; tell the people Iím there

May we spread the good news and be a living testimony of Godís great unending love as we walk our journey together, brothers and sisters in Christ!

Teri Johnson, Rectora E148



Vicky Agyepong-Wiafe

Deanna Austin

Ann Borchevsky

Dorothy Bowen

Carolyn Dilks

Nancy Feldner

Shirley Jasman

Doris Jenkins

Vicki Kaplan

Lisa Kim

Maritza Martin

Rachel McNary

Alleah Melvin

Cathy Mosser

Kelley O'Neill

Holly Orefice

Sandra Reid

Pat Sheffield

Amy Stovall

Treena Stup

Barbara Swingle

Treste' Loving

Sallye Trobaugh


* Day of Deeper Understanding

Our E148 DDU will be held at 8:30AM, Saturday, June 20 at Springfield UMC. This will be a wonderful reunion, and a chance to learn a bit more about this amazing organization. Come hear about the history of the Emmaus NCA, how the weekends are planned, and how you can help with this blessed ministry opportunity.

Remember, you must attend a DDU before sponsoring friends or joining a Team.

Christ is Counting on You ~ See you there!!!