Emmaus NCA E166 ~ Prayerful Peace

E166 to be held at the Skycroft Conference Center in Middletown, MD. (click for directions)

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E166 ~ Skycroft ~ Sept. 12 ~ 15, 2013

Cadre and Team

Bev Barthmaier ~ Table Leader, Life in Piety Talk, Chapel Reading

Cindy Bireley ~ Assistant Music Director, Stations of the Cross Reading

Debbie Boisvert ~ Assistant Rectora, Perseverance Talk

Vickie Carroll ~ Head Cha, Lord I Have Time Reading

Tammy Crouch ~ Table Leader, Chapel Reading

Deborah Elliott ~ Mañanita Cha, Assistant Talk Room Cha, Please Hear What I’m Not Saying Reading

Gloria Esterline ~ Music Director, Decolores Story

Keri Finegan ~ Agape Feast Cha, Christian Action Talk, Stations of the Cross Reading

Gaylene Guest ~ Assistant Head Cha, Who Me Reading

Lindsey Kirkwood ~ Talk Room Cha, Assistant Closing Cha, Priority Talk

Glenda Lambert ~ Table Leader, Changing Our World Talk, Chapel Reading

Gary McCluskey ~ Spiritual Director, Prevenient Grace Talk, Means of Grace Talk, Sanctifying Grace Talk

Debbie McCluskey¬ ~ Dining Room Cha, Chapel Reading, Ultreya Fourth Day Talk

Donna Morris ~ Closing Cha, Assistant Palanca Cha, Body of Christ Talk

Denise Parris ~ Rectora, Fourth Day Talk

Sara Porter ~ Table Leader, Chapel Reading

Linda Saldaña ~ Assistant Chapel Cha, Priesthood of All Believers Talk, Chapel Reading

Jose Saldaña ~ Spiritual Director, Justifying Grace Talk, Obstacles to Grace Talk, Via Dolorosa

Kathy Skilton ~ Chapel Cha, Discipleship Talk, Chapel Reading

Cathy Smith ~ Assistant Dining Room Cha, Chapel Reading, Four Responses Chapel

Krystal Venable ~ Assistant Agape Feast Cha, Assistant Talk Room Cha, DDU Fourth Day Talk

Lori Vigé ~ Table Leader, Growth Through Study Talk, Chapel Reading

Stephanie Williams ~ Palanca Cha, Assistant Mañanita Cha, Four Responses Chapel

Shannon Winter ~ Table Leader, Chapel Readings

Susan Young ~ Old Buffalo, Floater Cha, Chapel Reading


A Message from the "R"

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

God has called together a wonderful group of women and men to serve Him as the team of E-166. The excitement builds as we ready ourselves with the work that He has called us to do. The E166 Weekend Theme is “Prayerful Peace.” This theme jumped off the pages of the Word as I settled on the Weekend Scripture of Philippians 4:6-7. Simply stated it reads “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” What comfort that should bring to us to know that He will give us His peace and guard our heart when we go to Him in thankful prayer. The Weekend Song I chose is Meet with Me. The lyrics beckon God to meet with us and to reveal Himself to us as we seek Him through prayer and worship. As we wait, He makes us strong. As we long, He draws us to His arms.

What a model we have in Jesus of both prayer and peace! Jesus, who taught us to pray, prayed unceasingly with thanksgiving. He was the Prince of Peace riding the Beast of Peace into the City of Peace to give His life in ransom for our Eternal Peace, and left us with His spirit represented by the Bird of Peace. Getting that Peaceful easy feeling? Talk about transcending all human understanding, and watching guard of our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus. It is hard to wrap the human mind around such a promise but be assured that God is this much in love with you and me. He offers us this peace. So don’t let the world deter your prayer life! Pray during your morning routine, pray on the road, pray standing in line waiting to be served, give praise for the sunset, praise for hitting the ground this morning, seek Him in times of trouble and when times are good because He delights in a prayerful relationship with us. His promises are great! We can find peace, His peace.

In the fondest of closings, we humbly seek and thank you for your prayers and support over the pilgrims and the team of E166 as HE fills this place.

De Colores,

Denise Parris E-166 Rectora


Jenny Aguon ~ Christ UMC Fairfax Station, VA

Ann Ball ~ Strasburg Christian Church Disciples of Christ Strasburg, VA

Lindsey Baynham ~ Fairfax UMC Fairfax, VA

Judy Bisignano ~ Christ UMC Fairfax Station, VA

Nicky Burrell ~ Christ UMC Fairfax Station, VA

Andee Cabrera ~ Park Valley Haymarket, VA

Michele Clausson ~ First Baptist Church Woodbridge, VA

Elizabeth Glyer ~ First United Presbyterian Dale City, VA

Susie Van Guilder ~ Spirit and Life UMC Montclair, VA

Jennifer Hairston ~ Mount Zion Arlington, VA

Monique Hines ~ Victory Christian Ministries International Woodbridge, VA

Deborah Lafleur ~ Strong Tower Fredricksburg, VA

Faye Lambert ~ Spirit and Life UMC Montclair, VA

Diomedis Lopez ~ Salem Fields Fredricksburg, VA

Ruth McDonald ~ First Assembly of God Front Royal, VA

Debra Merril ~ Christ UMC Fairfax Station, VA

Elizabeth Mitchell ~ Fairlington UMC Alexandria, VA

Rachel Parker ~ St. John's UMC Springfield , VA

Dee Dee Phillips ~ Christ UMC Fairfax Station, VA

Yvonne Rathore ~ My Church Strasburg, VA

Kim Teitelman ~ Park Valley Haymarket, VA

Tomi Trimm ~ Pender UMC Fairfax, VA

Nancy Victor ~ Cape Elizabeth Church of Nazarene Cape Elizabeth, ME

Anita Wade ~ Park Valley Haymarket, VA

Ruth Washburg ~ First United Presbyterian Dale City, VA

Cindy Wells ~ Spirit and Life UMC Montclair, VA

Gracie Wiersma ~ Christ UMC Fairfax Station, VA

Yasmin Williams ~ Old Bridge UMC Woodbridge, VA

Roz Wilson ~ First Baptist Church Woodbridge, Va


* Day of Deeper Understanding

Our E166 DDU will be held at 8:30AM, Saturday, September 21at First United Presbyterian Church in Woodbridge. This will be a wonderful reunion, and a chance to learn a bit more about this amazing organization. Come hear about the history of the Emmaus NCA, how the weekends are planned, and how you can help with this blessed ministry opportunity.

Remember, you must attend a DDU before sponsoring friends or joining a Team.

Christ is Counting on You ~ See you there!!!