Emmaus NCA E169 ~ Your Faith Has Made You Well

E168 to be held at the 4H Service Center in Front Royal. Virginia (click for directions)

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E169- NoVa 4H Center - May 01-04, 2014

Cadre and Team

Paul Salbert, Rector

TJ Cuddy, Assistant Rector

Charlie Carroll, Head Cha

Ken Denham, Assistant Head Cha

Richard Cobb, Spiritual Director

Rob Lloyd, Spiritual Director

Russ Craig, Music Director

Jerry Wills, Assistant Music Director

Jack Christie, Old Buffalo

Eric Teitelman, Table Leader

Jim Stacy, Table Leader

Tom Overcasher, Table Leader

Whitney Bobbit, Table Leader

Neal Ailstock, Table Leader

Mark Gibson, Table Leader

Scott Burgess, Agape Feast Cha

Chuck Bailey, Assistant Agape Feast Cha

Stan Esterline, Chapel Cha

Marc Petrizza, Assistant Chapel Cha

Marc Petrizza, Closing Cha

Dave Moore, Assistant Closing Cha

Chuck Bailey, Dining Room Cha

Scott Burgess, Assistant Dining Room Cha

Dave Moore, Floater Cha

Jeff Pehl, Mananita Cha

Jack Christie, Assistant Mananita Cha

Raul Castillo, Palanca Cha

Jeff Pehl, Assistant Palanca Cha

Charlie Duren, Audio Visual Cha

Chuck Bonneville, Talk Room Cha

Charlie Duren, Assistant Talk Room Cha

Jerry Wills, Priority

Scott Burgess, Priesthood of All Believers

Chuck Bailey, Life in Piety

Eric Teitelman, Growth Through Study

Marc Petrizza, Christian Action

Jeff Pehl, Discipleship

Whitney Bobbit, Changing Our World

Stan Esterline, Sanctifying Grace

Mark Gibson, The Body of Christ

TJ Cuddy, Perseverence

Paul Salbert, Fourth Day

Jim Stacy, DDU 4th Day


A Message from the "R"

A collection of saints ready to staff a weekend for faith development on the first four days of May, 2014. We’ll deliver God’s word shaped around Luke 8:48, Your faith has made you well. Being well in this passage points to eternal life that only Christ can give and He witnesses it to us as the Shalom Shalom, or Prince of Peace. We will also contemplate the verb, made, as Jesus told those their faith made them, not going to or will one day. Along with studying scriptures we will enjoy table discussions, great music and meals together.

You are invited to join us as a teammate, rally in prayer support or encourage friends to walk these days with us. The guys and friends of E169 look forward to seeing you at the next Ultreya. Please check www.emmausnca.org for more details and information.


Paul Salbert, Rector


James Allen, Sleepy Hollow UMC, Falls Church

Mike Arnold

Mel Bailey ~ Christ Chapel AOG, Woodbridge

David Bales ~ Holy Trinity Catholic, Gainsville

Adam Barbour ~ Spirit and Life UMC, Montclair

Greg Berry ~ Pender UMC, Fairfax

Scott Boden ~ Prince of Peace UMC, Manassas

Fred Carns, Jr. ~ Annandale UMC, Annandale

Gage Chalmers ~ Clarendon UMC, Arlington

John Clarke ~ Annandale UMC, Annandale

Paden Coats ~ Central UMC, Arlington

Steve Fisher ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station

Greg Guydo ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge

Matt Hampton ~ Prince of Peace, Manassas

Ron Ingraham ~ Victory CMI, Woodbridge

Phil Johnson ~ Sleepy Hollow UMC, Falls Church

Michael Lopez ~ Christ UCC, Latrobe

John McClaugherty ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station

Josh Meyer ~Clarendon UMC, Arlington

Rev. Lyle E. Morton ~ Faith UMC, Alexandria, VA

John Newton

Carlos Olave

Reggie Riley ~ Victory CMI, Woodbridge

Ryan Saw ~ Spirit and Life UMC, Montclair

Dick Smith ~ Lakeridge Baptist, Lakeridge

Rich Thornberg ~ Park Valley Church, Haymarket

Ben Titus ~ Chestnut Hill SDA, Philadelphia

Shawn West ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge



* Day of Deeper Understanding

Our E169 DDU will be held at 8:30AM, Saturday, May 10 at Springfield UMC. (Come at 8am for fellowship.) This will be a wonderful reunion, and a chance to learn a bit more about this amazing organization. Come hear about the history of the Emmaus NCA, how the weekends are plnned, and how you can help with this blessed ministry opportunity.

Remember, you must attend a DDU before sponsoring friends or joining a Team.

Christ is Counting on You ~ See you there!!!