Emmaus NCA E170 ~ Made Strong In His Love

E168 to be held at the 4H Service Center in Front Royal. Virginia (click for directions)

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E170- NoVa 4H Center -Oct. 02-05, 2014

Cadre and Team

Annette Barbier ~ Old Buffalo, Floater Cha, "Lord, I have time" Reading

Megan Billingsley ~ Music Director, Chapel Reading

KJ Cabacar ~ Assistant Dining Room Cha, Priority Talk

Vickie Carroll ~ Table Leader, Body of Christ Talk, Chapel Reading

Mallory Cave ~ Table Leader, Discipleship Talk, Chapel Reading

Amanda Damon ~ Music Director, DDU Fourth Day Talk, Chapel Reading

Kathy Day ~ Table Leader, Chapel Reading

Melissa Detwiler ~ Dining Room Cha, Who Me Reading

Gail Dietze ~ Assistant Spiritual Director, Prevenient Grace Talk, Obstacles to Grace Talk

Doug Geeting ~ Spiritual Director, Means of Grace Talk, Sanctifying Grace Talk, Justifying Grace Talk

Gloria Gharib ~ Table Leader, Chapel Reading

Monica Gibson ~ Assistant Talk Room Cha, Assistant Mananita Cha

Gaylene Guest ~ Chapel Cha, Assistant Closing Cha, Priesthood of All Believers Talk

Lindsey Kirkwood ~ Table Leader, ultreya Fourth Day Talk, Chapel Reading

Mary Ann Krauss ~ Table Leader, Growth Through Study Talk, Please Hear What I'm not Saying Reading, Chapel Readin

Glenda Lambert ~ Assistant Head Cha, Chapel Reading

Debbie McCluskey ~ Head Cha,, Chapel Reading

Jo Ann McLean ~ Assistant Talk Room Cha, Mananita Cha, Life in Piety Talk

Beth Mickey ~ Rectora, Fourth Day Talk

Laura Newberry ~ Assistant Rectora, Perseverance Talk, Chapel Reading

Patty Plummer ~ Assistant Palanca Cha, Agape Cha

Kathy Skilton ~ Talk Room Cha

Susan Verghese ~ Closing Cha, Palanca Cha, Changing Our World Talk

Robin Wisner ~ Assistant Chapel Cha, Assistant Agape Cha, Christian Action Talk


A Message from the "R"

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the Lord Your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

God has brought together a wonderfully amazing group of women and men to serve as His hands and feet on the team of E-170. The theme for our weekend is “Made Strong In His Love”, and is inspired by our scripture, Joshua 1:9 and the song Cornerstone. I find such peace knowing that through my love for Him I can face any peak or valley that may come in my 4th Day…and we hope to bring that same comfort to the women that will join us on the mountain.

I have been blessed to be a part of this Emmaus and Chrysalis community for almost 20 years, it has sustained me through trails, walked with me in travels and introduced me to brothers and sisters in Christ that mean so very much to me. As we continue our preparations to head to the mountain, I marvel at the faithfulness of His loving servants and the amazing way He is preparing to work through us to show the ladies of E170 how they too can be strong in His love.

We ask for your prayers and your support as we continue our journey and welcome even more believers into our community.

DeColores, Beth Mickey


Tamara Ashton ~ Christ UMC Fairfax Station, VA

Kathryn Bailey ~ Christ Chapel Assembly of God Woodbridge, VA

Chrissy Baker ~ Old Bridge UMC Woodbridge, VA

Maya Berry ~ Pender UMC Fairfax, VA

Felix Brooks ~ Old Bridge UMC Woodbridge, VA

Melinda Cagle ~ Cherrydale Baptist Arlington, VA

Suzie Cook ~ Greenridge Baptist Clarksburg, MD

Maggie Croghan ~ Christ UMC Fairfax Station, VA

Cheri Delaney ~ Christ UMC Fairfax Station, VA

Johanna Eckley ~ Spirit and Life UMC Montclair, VA

Cindy Ferris ~ Holy Trinity Epispocal Melborne, FL

Sheilla Fisher ~ 15th Street Presbyterian Washington, DC

Sheri Goad ~ Bethel UMC Woodbridge, VA

Jeanette Gregory ~ First United Presbyterian Dale City, VA

Michelle Gries ~ Immanuel Bible Church Springfield , VA

Heather Guydo ~ Old Bridge UMC Woodbridge, VA

Stacy Jones ~ Salem Fields Fredricksburg, VA

Lucia Juarbe ~ First United Presbyterian Dale City, VA

Doanne Kandetzki ~ Bethel UMC Woodbridge, VA

Kim Leavenworth ~ Christ UMC Fairfax Station, VA

Jennifer Myers ~ Salem Fields Fredricksburg, VA

Pam Oakes ~ Bethel UMC Woodbridge, VA

Janice Osborne ~ Christ UMC Fairfax Station, VA

Senedia Ovalles ~ Spirit and Life UMC Montclair, VA

Tonia Parker ~ Bethel UMC Warrenton, VA

Candice Perez ~ Victory Christian Ministries International Woodbridge, VA

Michele Powell ~ Grace Covenant Herndon, VA

Colleen Quinn ~ All Saints Anglican Woodbridge, VA

Kim Saw ~ Spirit and Life UMC Montclair, VA

Darla West ~ Old Bridge UMC Woodbridge, VA

Elizabeth Grotos (alt-1) ~ Clarendon UMC Arlington, VA

Norma Howard (alt-2) ~ Orlean UMC Orlean, VA


* Day of Deeper Understanding

Our E000 DDU will be held at 8:30AM, Saturday, Date at Place. This will be a wonderful reunion, and a chance to learn a bit more about this amazing organization. Come hear about the history of the Emmaus NCA, how the weekends are pd, and how you can help with this blessed ministry opportunity.

Remember, you must attend a DDU before sponsoring friends or joining a Team.

Christ is Counting on You ~ See you there!!!