Emmaus NCA E175 ~ Let Faith and Grace Arise

E175 to be held at the Meadowkirk Retreat Center in Middleburg, Virginia (click for directions)

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E175 - Meadowkirk Retreat Center - Nov. 05 - 08, 2015

Cadre and Team

Bob Albrecht ~ Chapel Cha, Priesthood of All Believers Talk, Who Me Reading

Dennis Dasalla ~ Table Leader, Chapel Reading

Steve Fisher ~ Dining Room Cha, Life in Piety Talk, Chapel Reading

Ken Fritzsche ~ Agape Cha, Audio Visual Cha, Body of Christ Talk, Chapel Reading

Doug Geeting ~ Spiritual Director, Prevenient Grace Talk, Means of Grace Talk, Sanctifying Grace Talk, Stations of the Cross Reading

Michael Gentile ~ Table Leader, Chapel Reading

Dale Gillis ~ Assistant Spiritual Director, Obstacles to Grace Talk, Justifying Grace Talk, Stations of the Cross Reading

Rich Goad ~ Table Leader, Discipleship Talk, Chapel Reading

Jon Guest ~ Head Cha, Priority Talk

Rodney Jones ~ Table Leader, Christian Action Talk, Chapel Reading

Jim Krauss ~ Assistant Mananita Cha, Closing Cha, Growth through Study Talk, Via Dolorosa

Tom Lambert ~ Old Buffalo, Floater Cha, Changing Our World Talk

John Lohr ~ Assistant Dining Room Cha, Assistant Agape Cha

Favio Lopez ~ Assistant Closing Cha, Palanca Cha, Please Hear What I'm not Saying Reading

Dave Moore ~ Mananita Cha, Assistant Palanca Cha, Lord, I have time Reading

Tony Papp ~ Rector, Fourth Day Talk, Prayer of St. Francis Reading

John Rowe ~ Talk Room Cha, DDU Fourth Day Talk, Chapel Reading

Chris Scholz ~ Assistant Retor, Perseverance Talk, Chapel Reading

Bob Spring ~ Table Leader, Chapel Reading

Jim Stacy ~ Assistant Talk Room Cha, Chapel Reading, Ultreya Fourth Day Talk

Dave Venable ~ Table Leader, Chapel Reading

J. R. Williams ~ Assistant Head Cha

Phil Wisner ~ Assistant Music Director, Chapel Reading

Rich Wunderlin ~ Music Director, DeColores Story


A Message from the "R"

The 2015 Fall Men’s weekend in November is the next men’s weekend. Like all planned Emmaus weekends it will be a time to gather and faithfully serve the Pilgrims who respond to the opportunity to experience a National Capital Area Emmaus Weekend.

The weekend theme for E-175 is “Let Faith and Grace Arise”.

It is important to recognize and be aware that we have to ‘Let’ each team and pilgrim member come to realizations in their own way! They have to let themselves be receptive and we have to let them digest and process internally based on their own experiences and reasoning. ‘Let’ as an action word – means we allow ourselves to be open to concepts and ideas, we are tolerant and understanding, we allow things to occur at their own pace and we understand people will change or assimilated ideas differently on their own accord.

‘Faith’ is something to be cultivated and to strive for. It is a culmination and demonstration of beliefs and trust in God and that plans for each of us, as a beloved child of God, do exist. Faith will be present for all experiencing the weekend as demonstrative Christian action that establishes, renews, or reinvigorates ‘Faith’. ‘Faith’ is a focal point for our lives with realization that the Holy Spirit is with us and helps us throughout our individual faith journey. Faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance for what we cannot see!

A form of ‘Grace’ is Christian Action and Service displayed all weekend. Grace concepts are addressed and discussed, and examples of grace hopefully resonate with pilgrims (and team members) throughout the time on the mountain. We live and work with grace during the weekend and cultivate love and sincere caring for others by our Emmaus community actions serving God. These displays of grace for others are open for observation and hopefully appreciation. We cultivate a better understanding of Grace and hope there are takeaways for the Pilgrims into their lives and interaction with family and churches.

‘Arise’ from a Christian perspective: the prophet Isaiah called God’s people to step forward confidently and boldly, know that their Savior has come and won victory over sin.“Arise” was an integral command or direction of Jesus when he would heal people or exorcise demons – often the instruction was “arise” and go tell the town, the nation, all those you come across what God has done for you! So we hope and pray that pilgrims of E175 will ‘arise’ in their surroundings. That they tell their Church Families about Emmaus; use their talents and interests to advocate Christ’s teachings and work within their local churches, communities, and across their span of influence to be active Christians. We can all learn that when we attempt to follow the command of Jesus he gives us the strength to arise!

The Dove and Cross together within the logo of the weekend has particular meaning. The Dove, as far back as Genesis, was a symbol of love and salvation by God. God, having cleansed the earth, repented and committed to nurture mankind and as a forgiving God to engage with one another in peace. God offered Jesus, his only Son, for the forgiveness of our sins and the cross represents that sacrifice. The combination of the Dove and the Cross on this weekend’s logo spans the entire bible: the Dove symbolizes God’s love in the Old Testament and the Cross is a symbol of God’s love shown in the New Testament.

For E175 we want it known that: we can come out of darkness once we know God’s loving light. Once we are aware and appreciate Jesus’s love and sacrifice (the Cross), we can be blessed with the fortitude of the perpetual presence of the Holy Spirit (the Dove). We can all share in a life bolstered by Christian values and loving and authentic interactions with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Sincere Blessings – Tony Papp



Bill Armstrong III ~ Aldersgate UMC Alexandria, VA

Roger Brown ~ Sleepy Hollow UMC Falls Church, VA

Lloyd Calderon ~ Clarendon UMC Arlington, VA

Fitz Cantrell

Richard Cooper ~ Aldersgate UMC Alexandria, VA

Travis Dodson ~ Dumfries UMC Dumfries, VA

Allen Edwards ~ Our Savior's Way Lutheran Church Ashburn, VA

Joe English ~ Bethel UMC Woodbridge, VA

Bob Gore ~ Spotswood Baptist Fredericksburg, VA

Charley Hays ~ Christ UMC Fairfax Station, VA

Andrew Henkel ~ Lifepoint Fredericksburg, VA

Jon Hopkins ~ Prince of Peace UMC Manassas, VA

Dale Juarbe ~ First United Presbyterian Dale City, VA

John Kunu ~ Dumfries UMC Dumfries, VA

Dan Loughry ~ Spirit and Life UMC Montclair, VA

Allen McBride ~ Old Bridge UMC Woodbridge, VA

Duane Myers ~ Wesley United Methodist Winchester, VA

Tony Pearson ~ Rising Hope UMC Alexandria, VA

Brandon Perdue ~ Manassas Baptist Manassas, VA

Gary Phelps ~ Park Valley Haymarket, VA

John Price ~ Spirit and Life UMC Montclair, VA

Mark Ramirez Jr. ~ Old Bridge UMC Woodbridge, VA

Jim Rogers ~ Spirit and Life UMC Montclair, VA

Gabe Smith ~ St. Paul UMC Woodbridge, VA

Jim Smith ~ Bethel UMC Woodbridge, VA

Tommy Springman ~ Our Savior Lutheran Church Warrenton, VA

Bill Stegall ~ Dumfries UMC Dumfries, VA

Stephen Taliaferro ~ Crossroads Vineyard Fredericksburg, VA

Mike Taylor ~ Our Savior's Way Lutheran Church Ashburn, VA

Mike Tingen ~ Old Bridge UMC Woodbridge, VA


* Day of Deeper Understanding

Our E175 DDU will be held at 8:30AM, Saturday, November 14 at Dumfries UMC (3890 Cameron Street, Dumfries VA 22026). This will be a wonderful reunion, and a chance to learn a bit more about this amazing organization. Come hear about the history of the Emmaus NCA, how the weekends are prepared, and how you can help with this blessed ministry opportunity.

Remember, you must attend a DDU before sponsoring friends or joining a Team.

Christ is Counting on You ~ See you there!!!