Emmaus NCA E186 ~ Sing for Joy

E186 to be held at the Meadowkirk Retreat Center in Middleburg, Virginia (click for directions)

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E186 , Meadowkirk Retreat Center - October 04-07, 2018

Cadre and Team

Suzie Beeson ~Spiritual Director

Cindy Bireley ~ Rectora, Fourth Day Talk

Heather Bosley-Papp ~ Chapel Cha, Priesthood of All Believers Talk

Mallory Cave ~ Music Director, Please Hear What I'm Not Saying Reading

Liana Cuffman ~ Agape Feast Cha, A Time for Everything Reading

Devin Duren ~ Asst Dining Room Cha, Discipleship Talk

Gloria Esterline ~ Old Buffalo, Floater Cha, Second Voice Stations of the Cross

Karen Gentile ~ Closing Cha, Asst Mananita Cha, Joshua 24 Reading

Jen Girten ~ Palanca Cha, Who Me? Reading

Linda Girten ~ AV Cha, Lord, I Have Time Reading

Faith Gorham ~ Asst. Rectora, Perseverance Talk

Syn-D Lazo ~ Talk Room Cha, First Voice, Stations of the Cross

Susan Meyerson ~ Table Leader, Body of Christ Talk, John 14 Reading

Aygul Minigalina ~ Table Leader, Growth Through Study Talk, Seeing Clearly Prayer

Donna Morris ~ Asst. Head Cha

Sabina Murphy ~ Dining Room Cha, Christian Action Talk

Jennifer Neighbors ~ Asst Agape Feast Cha, Via Dolorosa, Hebrews 10 Reading

Carolyn Ritenour ~ Mananita Cha, Floater Cha, Acts 1 Reading

Janet Salbert ~ Spiritual Director

Ashleigh Stacy-Reese ~ Asst. Music Director

Mary Tate ~ Asst Talk Room Cha, Ecclesiastes 3 Reading

Carolyn Tidd ~ Table Leader, What is Truth? Prayer

Danielle Tiller ~ Table Leader, Life in Piety Talk, Facing Trials Prayer

Krystal Venable ~ Head Cha, Ultreya 4th Day Talk

Aliecia Whalen ~ Asst. Closing Cha, Asst. Palanca Cha, Witness for Christ Prayer

Morgan Wiggins ~ Table Leader, DDU Talk, Psalm 62 Reading

Yasmin Williams ~ Table Leader, Changing Our World Talk, James 1 reading

Desiree Wunderlin ~ Asst Chapel Cha, Priority Talk, Special Music for Dying Moments




A Message from the "R"

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ~

“Singing for Joy” is exactly what we are doing on e186 as we prepare to serve the Lord side by side! God has pulled together an amazing group and we cannot wait to see how it will all unfold as we get our assignments and as pilgrims are called to attend the weekend. (we would love to have more pilgrim applications) I am so very humbled to be chosen to lead e186 and have no doubt God is equipping all of us at this time!

Joy is something that was put on my heart long before I was called. It started with our theme song, “How Can I Keep from Singing” by Chris Tomlin.

I can sing in the troubled times

Sing when I win

I can sing when I lose my step

And fall down again

I can sing 'cause You pick me up

Sing 'cause You're there

I can sing 'cause You hear me, Lord

When I call to You in prayer

I can sing with my last breath

Sing for I know

That I'll sing with the angels

And the saints around the throne

That is the joy I want to share! It’s so easy to confuse joy with happiness and what it really looks like for each of us. I read a devotional by Kay Warren in her book Choose Joy that inspired me to really think about joy in my life and I knew then that would be the theme for our weekend!

In it she says… “We tend to think that life comes in hills and valleys. In reality, it’s much more like train tracks. Every day of your life, wonderful, good things happen that bring pleasure and contentment and beauty to you. At the exact same time, painful things happen to you or those you love that disappoint you, hurt you, and fill you with sorrow. These two tracks — both joy and sorrow — run parallel to each other every single moment of your life…One day, our parallel tracks of joy and sorrow will merge into one. The day we meet Jesus Christ in person and see the brightness of who he is, it will all come together for us. Then it will all make complete sense.”

We covet your continued prayers as we journey on in the teaming process and prepare to meet our ladies on the mountain. Please join us in praying for each pilgrim that is being called, that God is preparing their hearts for the joy we will experience together…Singing for Joy all weekend long and into our 4th day!

Your sister in Christ~

Cindy Bireley E84

The Lord gives me strength. He is like a shield that keeps me safe. My heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart jumps for joy. I will sing and give thanks to him. Psalm 28:7


Wendy Asmen ~ Christ UMC -Fairfax Station, VA

Carol Brooks ~ Church of the Redeemer, Gaithersburg, MD

Colleen Burdick ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA

Jackie Castro ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA

Christine Curley ~ Aldersgate UMC, Alexandria, VA

Sue Elbertson ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA

Tina Fox ~ New Hope Church, Lorton, VA

Angie Graybill ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA

Pat Gregan ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge, VA

Cassandra Halyshyn ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA

Cathy Harrington ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA

Shawna Hooke ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge, VA

Erin Hudson ~ National Community Church, Arlington, VA

Pandy Jansen ~ Aldersgate UMC, Alexandria, VA

Tammy Jeter ~ Hope Hill, Manassas, VA

Kristy Joiner ~ Hope Hill, Manassas, VA

Patricia Lewis ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA

Debra Mayeux ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA

Elaine Miller

Katrice Mueller ~ New Life, La Plata, MD

Sarah Nuber ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax Station, VA

Amy Nutter ~ Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge, VA

Melissa O'Connor ~ Christ UMC, Fairfax station, VA

Diane Olsen ~ Aldersgate UMC, Alexandria, VA

Juli Osorio ~ McLean Bible Church, McLean, VA

Heather Payne ~ Hope Hill, Manassas, VA

Amy Smith ~ First United Presbyterian, Dale City, VA

Linda Utting ~ Bethel UMC, Woodbridge, VA

Anne Young ~ Grace UMC, Manassas, VA


* Day of Deeper Understanding

Our E186 DDU will be held at 8:30AM, Saturday,October 13 at Grace UMC in Manassas. This will be a wonderful reunion, and a chance to learn a bit more about this amazing organization. Come hear about the history of the Emmaus NCA, how the weekends are pd, and how you can help with this blessed ministry opportunity.

Remember, you must attend a DDU before sponsoring friends or joining a Team.

Christ is Counting on You ~ See you there!!!