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Our monthly Ultreyas for 2019:

*September 20 Ultreya Hosted by Christ Church UMC

Come on out, join us in fellowship and worship!

Let's kick off the Fall season, as we prepare for our two fall walks.

The service will be at 7:30pm, after supper at 6:30.


Schedule for 2019

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October 18 - First United Presbyterian Church of Dale City

November 15 - Bethel UMC

December 20 - Christ Church UMC



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Our 2019 Weekends!!

Spring March 21-24, 2019 - R Debbie McCluskey

Spring May 2-5, 2019 - R John Rowe

Fall September 26-29, 2019 - R Carroll Cobb

Fall November 14-17, 2019 - R Jon Guest

The first three weekends will be held at the Meadowkirk Retreat Center in Middleburg, Virginia

The fourth (Nov. 14-17) will be at Camp Happyland!


and Our 2020 Weekends!!

E-192 Gaylene Guest - Mar 5-8

E-193 Chris Scholz Apr 30-May 3

E-194 Sam Gero Oct 1-4

E-195 Milton Zapata Nov 12-15




From the Community Lay Director...

From the Lay Director

We recently held a training for our 2020 R’s, Gaylene Guest E192, Chris Scholtz E193, Sam Gero E-194 and Milton Zapata E-195. With two weekends left in 2019 - Carroll Cobb E-190 and Jon Guest E-191 -that’s six weekends now planned! What a wonderful opportunity to pass on this Emmaus experience with those around us in our lives. That’s new opportunities for us to show our love to 180 or so more people! Start today and pray for the person that you may be blessed to sponsor.

During the R training, we shared the latest edition of the R manual with the new R’s. You see, this manual is a collection of 190 previous weekends experience of His love and grace. Linda Girten is the coordinator of this manual and she is doing such great job of updating all the information that goes into creating each weekend. And with the upcoming move to Camp Happyland, she’s working with Nancy Geeting to get the new information to the manual! One of the things that I enjoy so much about our Emmaus weekends is seeing the transformation of those who come to realize that they do indeed see God working within them. That He loves each one of us – no matter where we are on our faith walk or who we are. That ah-ha moment is a real joy for me to behold. (more)


From the Community Spiritual Director...

From The Community Spiritual Director

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you; the birds of the air, and they will tell you; ask the plants of the earth, and they will teach you; and the fish of the sea will declare to you. Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this? In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of every human being.” Job 12:7-10

I have been enjoying sitting outside watching the hummingbirds. God made these quite unique and fascinating creatures. They are so fast. I can’t seem to count how many of them there are because they flitter here and there in seconds. As I was watching them, one hummingbird came up within a foot of my face and just stayed there for about ten seconds. I was in awe. What was this bird saying to me? I walked away and came back only to have one almost land on my shoulder. This hummingbird just stayed and fluttered about my ear for about twenty seconds. I have to admit it was a bit unnerving. I wanted to swat at it, but God kept my hand from doing so. What do you want? (more)

  From the Community Music Directors...

Music Directors' Message

Welcome, Fall! 'Makes us want to sing when the breeze blows below 90 degrees. As we calm our hearts, return to school, celebrate Labor Day, enjoy football, and get back to a routine, let’s shower it all with prayer and song! David was una-shamed of his worship spirit and God was glori-fied. Undignified. He said, “..and I will become even more un-dignified than this.” Whether in our work world, school, or home, let’s keep that JOY of Jesus and let His Reckless Love pour into our routine in an empowering way. Keep a song in your heart.

Huge thanks to Lindsey Kirkwood & friends for serving God through song and leadership in the Au-gust Ultreya. So much goes into planning the music sets, practicing, leading, praying, caring & wor-shipping. Hallelujah for those like Lindsey who love this community and Christ, who answer the Call “Christ is Counting on you” and their lives respond with “.. and I am counting on Christ”. Pure bless-ing to walk alongside such people, humbling to be Christian friends, shoulder to shoulder on this mission. 'Same with Mike Frankfort who humbly blesses us all with sound support - unreal commitment to Christ and His calling. We praise God for all y’all mean to us and His Kingdom!

Jim and Mary Ann (Mae) Krauss


From the Chrysalis Lay Director

Hey guys my Name is Becca Washburg and I was one of the R's for the team of C102. I walked in the summer of 2016 on C93 which was the summer after my freshman year of high school. When I first got to the weekend as many of you may know I truly did not want to be there, but once I saw all the love and support of the amazing team and beloved people that were there and the amazing community, it really changed my perspective and I didn't want to go home by the end of the weekend.

I am so happy to still be here three years later. Since then I am truly blessed to be around so many amazing loving people from this community with people in my church and even my youth group and youth leader... C102 was such a great weekend not because of us but because God put the right people on the team and he chose the right people to walk on that weekend.

The Weekend wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the awesome support of the Emmaus and Chrysalis community. I am so happy to be a part of His amazing loving community.

De Colores and Fly with Christ

Becca Washburg (more)


Kairos Korner

God is at work in the darkness of the prison. The next weekend is Oct. 24-27. The weekend leader is Darnell Armstrong and he humbly ask you to pray for the incarcerated and the humble servants who will minister to them.

There are many opportunities to serve besides being on the inside team. The outside team provides incredible support that lifts the inside team to be able to best serve the residents. Unlike Emmaus there is no need for letters as Agape. However cookies are the mainstay of the weekend so we always need volunteers to bake these special treats.

If you have an interest in learning more about how you can be a part of this special ministry contact - Charlie Carroll 703-887-7590 or

Kairos at Suxssex Correctional Center

GOD calls every believer to serve The Gospel of Jesus Christ in a variety of ways. The Kairos prison ministry, in particular, is more than just a servant opportunity, it’s a mission project. It’s serving as Christ’s representative in the lives of the inside Kairos community, helping to build dis-cipleship, faith, and transforming minds. Becoming a member of the Kairos Ministry Inside, or out-side team, requires personal sacrifice of TIME, TALENT and TREASURE. Please consider joining us through your participation inside, through your prayers, service as an outside team support member, donations, agape letters and posters, COOKIES! And in many other ways.

Sussex I SP K#9

Weekend Dates: 10/24/2019 Through 10/27/2019

The Team Leader is Jerome Grant II 443-224-045 work 443-224-045 home 8037 Escalon Ave Pasadena, MD 21122

Team Meeting Locations & Schedule

1st Meeting - 9/07/2019 St. Matthews UMC Annandale, VA

2nd Meeting – 9/21/2019 St. Matthews UMC Annandale, VA

3rd Meeting -10/05/2019 St. Matthews UMC Annandale, VA

4th Meeting – 10/19/2019 St. Matthews UMC Annandale, VA

5th Meeting – 10/24/2019 Trinity UMC Disputanta, VA

SUSSEX 1 COUNCIL CHAIR – Mike McIntyre 703-314-8633

SUSSEX 1 COUNCIL AGAPE COORDINATOR. Bob Albrecht: 703-785-4404

Steve Connelly, K-8 Weekend Leader (Ephesians 6:10-18


Community Palanca

Fall has arrived and soon the Ladies of E-190 and the Men of E-191 will be heading to the mountain. Please keep the team and future pilgrims in your prayers and show your love with remembering them with your love letters and fun gifts. You can drop them off at the Ultreya in September and please remember to label team or pilgrim and also the walk they are for.

Please help with snacks and drinks for the weekend as well. Sign up at the Ultreya to bring goodies for the weekends as well. If you would like to decorate placemats please contact me and I will make arrangements to get them to you.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or contact me on Facebook. With love,

Nicole Mosher


Weekend Fees - Take Note!

The Weekend Fees for 2019, as set by our Board of Directors, are:

Application Fee $35

Pilgrim Fee $215

Team Fee $250


n drama...
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