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* Our monthly Ultreyas for 2017:

March 17 Ultreya Hosted by Dumfries UMC

Don't miss our March Ultreya at Dumfries UMC. Join us at 6:30 for evening breakfast (!), followed by worship at 7:30.



and the upcoming Utreyas...

click on facility for website directions

April 21 - Annandale UMC

May 19 - Cameron UMC

April 21 - Annandale UMC




Our 2017 Weekends!!

E-180 ~ 3/09 - 3/12 - Nancy Geeting
E-181 ~ 5/18 - 5/21 - Tom Geenty
E-182 ~ 10/5 - 10/8 - Glenda Lambert
E-183 ~ 11/2 - 11/5 - TJ Cuddy

All weekends will be held at the Meadowkirk Retreat Center in Middleburg, Virginia


Need to get your Agape to the mountain?

For future weekends we will have a large box out front in the Ultreya church foyer so you can leave palanca or agape for the upcoming weekends - please label and put your stuff in alphabetical order, by last name.


NEW - Emmaus NCA Car Magnets Available

NEW – NCA Emmaus Car Magnets and Decals
The NCAE, 4”x6” car MAGNETS and REMOVA-BLE DECALS are available for $5.00 donation or more for each decal. All proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund.
For more information, please contact:

Raúl Castillo at 703-307-8070 or email:


From the Community Lay Director...

From the Lay Director

Ultreyas are wonderful times of food, fellowship and most of all worship. During our February Ultreya we enjoyed a delightful Friday evening of foods that spoke to us of “love”. We dined together at our tables laughing, refreshing and nourishing our spirits and our bodies at Lake Ridge Baptist Church. Our musicians led us in a spirited and spirit-filled worship time in the sanctuary. Then we joined together at the Lord’s Table for a feast of bread and wine. We left that evening feeling encouraged in our walk with Christ.

The scriptures tell us that these times of renewal are very important in the lives of all Christians. We are to bind our hearts and minds together and be united in our spirits. Hebrews 10:25 admonishes us to get together and encourage one another. This passage reminds us of the relevance of community and sharing our lives. (more)


From the Community Spiritual Director...

From The Community Spiritual Director

Jesus said some things that we would rather not hear.

Whenever we think of Him we hope that He will have something to say to uplift our spirits and help us to see the world through rose colored glasses, or at least some words with an optimistic tone. Because we are so focused on ourselves and our success we often tend to avoid the more difficult sayings of our Lord.

Not today. We must accept all of his messages, and face them, for he alone understands mortality and sorrow, the resurrection and everlasting life. He gives us some messages of real pain because he desires that we should be strong and endure to the end.

Jesus speaks in John 16:33: “In this world you will have trouble.“ The saying is stark and cold, matter of fact. He doesn't elaborate or tell us the nature of the trouble. I suppose he does not describe the trouble because there are troubles and troubles, in infinite variety. There is sickness, poverty, famine, unscrupulous people of all kinds, crippling accidents, wars, large and small, business failures, and the all consuming mortality that ends in death. If I go on listing the unlimited types of trouble, we shall all be depressed and border on hopelessness. (more)

  From the Community Music Directors...

Music Directors' Message

De Colores, Amigos! Keep a song in your heart and watch what happens! Christian music is uplifting and inspiring, and often is derived from scriptural concepts or the actual words put to music. Several Christian radio stations have a challenge for 30 days to listen to only that type of positive music and watch what happens. And overwhelming amount of listeners Who except the challenge call and report that it changed their life. If you're not a fan, try it. What could it hurt? It can only change your grumpiness or depression or put a smile on your face! Give it to Jesus. Be changed for His glory and your JOY!

March Ultreya at DUMC will be led by the women of E- 180. The theme song is "Glorious Unfolding". Read Rectora Nancy Geeting's article and learn why she chose this song and how much it means to her. Do you remember the theme song from your walk? Something to think about. It's played the first night, throughout the weekend and at every activity affiliated with each respective team. If you don't recall, ask your weekend R - we guarantee that song is still on their heart! There is music at almost every NCAE activity-- jump in, ENJOY, and if you are a musician - join in, contact us; you are welcome here! (more)


From the Chrysalis Lay Director

Hello from your Chrysalis Lay Director. Here is the list of team for the upcoming Chrysalis Weekend. So far we have up to 11 caterpillars for January, we are hoping for more. Please pray and write agape! FWC,Monica G

C94 High School Weekend

January 13-16, 2017

Team: Alan Teaford- Dining Room Cha Alison Wills -Table Leader Andrew Weston -Youth Rector Ariana Marth - Talk Room Cha/AV Ben Melugin- Youth Table Leader Burt Robinson- Spiritual Director Grace Becker - Youth Table Leader Jackie Gleadall - Rectora Jacob Mosser - Old Buffalo Jarrett Reagan - Head Cha & Ragman Jeremiah Meslie - Youth Table Leader Jerry Wills- Table Leader John Klein - Chapel Cha Judiclaire Kinerney - Youth Table Leader Kaleb Sullivan - Youth Chapel/Dining Room Cha Katie DeVaughn - Head Cha Kevin Gleadall - Rector Lauren VanWert - Music Director Linda Smith - Agape Cha Lori Darden- Table Leader Lydia Hugo- Youth Rectora Maggie Oakes - Youth Table Leader Michael Hummer - Youth Table Leader Molly Haynes -Youth Head Cha Nicholas Reagan -Talk Room Cha/AV Cha Pam Oakes - Table Leader Phyllis Weeks - Youth Table Leader Richard Goad - Table Leader Ron Lanman - Spiritual Director Sarah Lemay - Youth Agape Cha Scott Niehoff - Music Director Sheri Goad - Table Leader Stu Mentzel - Table Leader TJ Hunt - Youth Head Cha (more)


Kairos Korner

Following is a testimony from a recent Kairos participant.

When I came to prison I was angry, confused, scared and I was pulled into a life of Islam. . . . I needed a change and a friend invited me to church and I kept going back. I stepped away from Islam and started to pursue Christ. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. . . . I went to Kairos two months later and found what I was never looking for or even knew existed, AGAPE Love! I was taught things about myself and about God that I couldn’t believe; Kairos took me to a level that could not even be measured on a scale! . . . Kairos has turned me into a transformer. I am a walking, talking, living, breathing, sharer and pray-er. I take what Kairos has done to me and for me and offer it to everyone around me from prisoners, to officers, family, friends and anyone else who will listen to me. . . . Kairos changed my life forever and I plan on taking what I have learned and still learn with me when I leave here. – Kairos Graduate

You are cordially invited to share Christ’s love and forgiveness with those in prison and be a “life-changer” through Kairos Prison Ministry. Teams are being formed now to serve at the Sussex-I State Prison (S1SP), March 16 – 19, 2017, and at Greensville Correctional Center (GCC), April 27 – 30, 2017.

Applications are at every Ultryea and at our website , which also provides more information about this ministry.


Weekend Fees - Take Note!

The Weekend Fees for 2017, as set by our Board of Directors, are:

Pilgrim Application Fee $35

Pilgrim Fee $200

Team Fee $250


Community Palanca

Love is in the air! The ladies go to the mountain in March. At the February Ultreya we will have baskets in the front to collect palanca and nonperishable snacks for the weekend.

With each weekend there are placemats that need to be decorated. If you have received blank placemats to decorate please bring to the February Ultreya. Material needed to make palanca bags for Chrysalis and Emmaus weekends for 2017. If you have extra material that you think would make great palanca bags please bring the Ultreya in February. One yard of fabric makes 3 bags. I will have instructions if you would like to help construct the bags.

The Love offering for our host church in February - Lake Ridge Baptist will be canned goods. Please show our love and support their mission to feed the needy in our community.

Love, Love, Love,

Your Sister in Christ

Donna Morris (more)


With an all new MailList Service, HolyNet is being reactivated. We encourage you to sign up here to receive community news (including links to the FourthDay Journal), and prayer requests. Thank you, Dave Moore, for setting up this comunications venue!

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n drama...
You Will Want to See This!

While we're not in the habit of distributing the large volume of internet-sourced Christian media, every now and then a message arises that is so clear and convincing that we feel compelled to share it.

Many of us have heard this story, but it bears repeating.

Watch and enjoy!