E-200 Rector Message

I’m truly blessed to have been called to serve God as the Rector for the National Capital Emmaus’s 200 th weekend. God has continued to show his love during each weekend, and I believe God touches not only the Pilgrims, Team, and Community, but also the people each one leaving the mountain interacts with. Coming off the mountain top, each person carries God’s light with them and hopefully keeps it shining bright.

I’ve prayed for God to lead this weekend and to give me strength and courage to speak his words and be his hands. I feel God put on my heart the theme, song, and verse for the weekend. Starting with the theme of Victory in Jesus, the song is "Cornerstone" by TobyMac, featuring Zach Williams, and the verse Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

The Logo was created by my lovely wife, and she created exactly what God was putting on my heart. God and Baseball have always been my cornerstones. In Baseball, the home plate is the cornerstone of the field. Everything is measured from home plate, including the foul lines, distance to each base and the pitcher’s mound, and even the outfield fence. However, my true Cornerstone is Christ, which leads to eternal salvation. So, no matter if you are on the baseball field, at work, school, grocery store, or wherever, put Christ first. Lean on him during good and troubled times, He is always there for you.

I prayed for each person’s name before I called them to see if they were able to team for the weekend. It has been an amazing experience talking to so many wonderful members of the community during this journey. As I finish up the last members of the team God is preparing, I’m so excited to see what wonderful surprises He has in store for us. God is so amazing, and His love and grace cannot be matched.

I would like to ask the community to continue to pray for the team, pilgrims, and sponsors of E200 as we begin this wonderful adventure.

Thank you for putting your trust in me and with God’s help, this will just be the beginning of many more weekends to come.

Rich Goad