Kairos Fourth Day

Kairos Prison Ministries offers a "fourth day" experience within prison communities. More information can be found at: http://www.Kairosva.org or by email to Jim Templeton.


Kairos Outside

Kairos Outside Ministries offers a "fourth day" experience for women who have loved ones within prison communities. More information can be found at: kairosva.org/kairos-outside

or by email to Barbara Teats.


Prayer Chain

The signup links to be a Prayer Warrior for the Kairos will be updated soon. 

Kairos Korner

Sussex 1 State Prison Northern VA KAIROS TEAM has been meeting via zoom and making arrangements to video and burn DVD’s for the Prison Chaplain to play over the prison closed circuit TV system during the 90 minute “religious services” time slots for Protestant Christian Services. These broadcasts go out throughout the entire prison populations.

Our video offerings have been local worship services, Bible study groups and published Bible learning programs. Personal talks/testimony and music in many forms. We’ve flooded the zone and armed our Chaplain with flurry of content to share with the ENTIRE prison. In addition we continue to collect and send greeting cards for the Kairos grads.

Our team will be creating, very soon, a new KPMI web page and YouTube site for video uploading. We’re leading the way in many ways trying to inspire and revive a ministry that has been stifled across the board throughout the state conferences.

We continue to ask for your community prayer and support as we gather up the strength and positions to once again resume in-person prayer and share and one day start up the weekend events again.

Right now it’s not a state of emergency so much that is standing in the way, but more-so it’s a lack of prison staffing available to manage visitation for the inside folks. Please pray for all staff and especially our Chaplain Patrick Jones who is faithfully striving forward into the darkness setting up a rescue station there outside the gates of hell.

God Bless You All

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National Capital Area Emmaus is an independent ecumenical fourth-day community.  It is not affiliated with the Upper Room© or its Emmaus© and Walk to Emmaus© programs.  

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